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Questions from customers about having their house painted, with answers

Having the outside of a house painted raises many questions.

How much will it cost? How long will it take? What paint or exterior wall coating should I choose?

We asked a lot of questions each week. As the UK’s number one most popular exterior wall coatings company by work volume and customer acquisition, I really do mean A LOT.

We love to hear from people, and most calls and emails are thankfully about our wall coating systems, and in many cases we are able to point to a section on this website which has the answer you need, however….

From time to time we get some rather irrelevant, and in some cases, quite surreal, questions asked of us, so this post will hopefully put to bed some misconceptions about what we offer and maybe also stop people calling us thinking we give free DIY advice because we don’t.

Questions and answers related to our wall coating services

ONE: Do you take credit and debit cards?

Yes we accept all major credit cards. Many people choose to pay a deposit for works to be done to their home because it gives added peace of mind.

We also take cheques cash and bank transfers.

TWO: Do you work outside of the UK?

No, we don’t. We operate ONLY in England, Wales and Scotland. We do NOT work anywhere else and will not suggest or recommend a non-UK company if asked, sorry.

We do NOT work in the republic of Ireland or Ulster (And no, it’s nothing personal)

THREE: Are you a trade organisation?

No, we are not and we do not pretend to be so. Many people misinterpret this as we are the ONLY genuine and ORIGINAL “Never Paint Again” organisation in the UK.

It was started in the USA in the late 1970’s and we brought it over to the UK in 1986.

If you see a leaflet, advert or web page with “Never Paint Again” and it does not have our logo and web address then it is a fake.

We pioneered the way people purchase exterior wall coatings, starting way back in 1999. Back then there were only about 3 sites, including ours, that offered wall coating services.

Industry leaders “warned us” (!) at the time we were running a fools errand and why did we not do huge leaflet campaigns or annoying door canvassing teams?…

. but that is not who we are and has never been. Slowly but surely they realised we were right and now everyone tries to copy us. Without success it seems…..

FOUR: Who makes the coating systems you use?

Since our inception, in pre-internet days back in 1986, we have used a variety of suppliers.

3 years ago, our installation director, Mick, teamed up with the chaps at Wetherby Stone, and we formulated our own wall coating product called WETHERTEX MP44, one that we have used on countless buildings, with excellent results. So much so we can give a full 20 year guarantee!

We of course also use products from other manufacturers for different applications, depending on the job, but each one has been tried and tested over a number of years by our teams and we only use the BEST PAINT products when painting your home.

All products we use are installed by contractors who work solely for us and any agreement you make in the future should you choose our system, would be between the contractor and yourselves, not the owners of this website.

FIVE: My builder wants some advice on a job he is doing on our house, can you help?

Sorry to sound rude but NO we can’t and if your tradesman does not have the answer, with respect, we are not going to spend our time and money telling him what he (or She) should already know.

Choose your trades-person carefully!

Our phone lines are staffed by well trained people but our qualified building surveyors obviously don’t answer the phone in the call centre, and the people who work there are trained to either direct your call to one of us, or if we are with another client, take your details and pass them to us to call you back.

The call centre staff are not trained to answer on the spot DIY or home improvement questions, especially if they are unrelated to one of our own products.

Can you imagine calling your local Ford dealer and asking detailed advice about the latest Citroen car? Or going into Tesco to complain about something you bought in Sainsbury’s? No, neither can we.

SIX: I want someone to paint my house, but do you paint garden walls?

Only when we are painting or rendering the rest of the property.

We work nationally so you can imagine we are not going to send a contractor on a round trip of 200 miles to do a half an hour job, sorry but no we don’t just do a garden wall, we only paint your garden walls if you are having the rest of the house done at the same time.

SEVEN:Can you prove your coatings last 20 years or is it a gimmick?

Of course we can prove it and we would be breaking the law if we make statements on our site that were not true. We started coating houses in 1986.

I personally can show examples of houses I did myself, in the 1990’s where the coatings is still on the house and has generally lasted way beyond it’s sell by date.

Our coatings last at least 20 years and we would not offer a legally binding 20 year warranty if this was not the case.

EIGHT: Can I arrange a quote or estimate via email only?

No, sorry this is impossible.

To arrange a quote visit we have to speak to you to arrange a time and date plus get directions to your home. We cannot give prices via email, we need to talk to you to find out more about what work you want doing, plus a bit of info about your home.

When enquiring to us, please make sure to include a contact phone number.

NINE: Are my details safe with you?

Of course. All our contact forms are on a secure server, we are the only exterior wall coating contractor in the UK to have this advanced facility.

Your details are not sold or shared with anyone and are not used in any marketing campaigns, spam or junk mail. We also are fully compliant with the GPRD data privacy laws.

TEN: I have contacted you to obtain a quote. How do I send photos of my house to you?

Sending photos really helps us visualise your house and the sort of work you could be looking to get done.

To send the photos, please forward them to info@neverpaintagain.co.uk, using your name as the subject line.

Please try to not send images too large a file size.

Please note, more answers can be found on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE HERE.

Questions and answers NOT quite related to what we do….

It’s a mystery to us too.

ONE: Do you give free DIY and home improvement advice?

NO!!!! No, NO, No!!!!! (Excuse the frustration as I write this)

We have lost count of the amount of calls related to someone reading an article on our BLOG and then contacting us about the article.

Please note in most cases, the articles themselves are the advice, so if you read one and have a question, it’s often best to read it again, more carefully.

If you want advice about something we can sometimes answer if you post on our FACEBOOK PAGE but please do not call or email us unless you wish to speak about OUR OWN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

We do not give advice about other people’s products, nor are we here to give an advice to a tradesman who does not know the answer. If they don’t know, maybe you should not have employed them?!?


TWO: Do you allow use of your photos for other peoples websites?

Absolutely NOT and we routinely prosecute people who steal photos and text from this website so do not be tempted, we have a very good legal team.

I personally spend time travelling the country taking photos of work in progress as part of our supervisory duties.

We do NOT allow our photos to be used by anyone, most images on this site are original and taken by ME, others are purchased from photo agencies where needed.

Our work is protected under the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents act, and the 2000 Digital millennium Act and anyone who takes our photos runs the risk of their hosting company removing their website and taking it offline.

THREE: Do you allow guest posts on this website?

No we don’t. We get around 15 requests a week from link hunters wanting to write content for us. Absolutely no way and it is against Google’s terms of service. Without exception, no guest posts.

FOUR: I am buying a house, can you come around and quote for work needed?

No. We can only arrange quotes and estimates if you are the legal owner of a property. There is no exceptions to the rule, unless you own the house in question we can’t help you. This is also due to data protection laws and insurances.

FIVE: Do you install anti-flood or flood proof wall coatings?

………er…….no! Our wall coatings undergo various tests including accelerated weathering, freeze/thaw, impact testing, flexibility testing and much more, however our coatings are designed to go onto exterior walls and are not formulated to be immersed in water.

Be very wary of any of our competitors telling you their wall coatings are “flood proof”, this is a complete con and no coating will protect your house if it is flooded.

There is no such thing as flood proof wall coatings

Water from flooding will enter your home no matter what is on the walls, and it will rise through pipes, through doors and windows and through the floorboards.

An exterior wall coating will NOT protect your home from flooding.

SIX: Do you sell paint that I can buy myself?

No we don’t, we are contractors, not a retail paint store.

We do not sell any products, we sell SERVICES, house painting, rendering and wall coating services.

SEVEN: “I am in the process of buying a house….”

OK, can I just stop you right there. Please read point four above again.

This is a big problem for us and we don’t want people to be disappointed when we have to say “no” so I am including this point TWICE!

We get at least 20 people each week who want us to come and see a house, out of our own pockets, and do a survey and quote, even though they don’t actually OWN the property.

No, sorry, no way, without exception. Our service is NOT an alternative to someone paying for a surveyors report to buy a property.

There are also legal, privacy and insurance issues with being sent to a house that you don’t even own!

Unless you own the property at the time of contacting us, we cannot and will not arrange a quote or estimate but we are happy to do so when (and IF) you buy the house in question! Thanks

EIGHT: Can I get a free survey if I want a report to sell my home?

Don’t be so cheeky.

No, our surveys are not intended as a replacement for a surveyors report to sell your home, although we do give a written report on the condition of your home, this is only used if you become a customer of ours.

NINE: Do you do interior painting, decorating and wallpaper hanging?

No we don’t, all of our work is solely concentrated on the exterior of your home, we do not do any internal painting and decorating at all.

TEN: I’m a tenant and my house has damp. Can I get a quote?

Sorry no we are unable to deal with tenants, whether council or private tenants, in all cases your housing provider or landlord must be our first point of contact and not yourselves, sorry.

I hope the above information has proved useful and has been written in a “tongue in cheek” way on purpose!

We love hearing from people, whether it is comments on our facebook page or blog, or from homeowners wanting to solve some of their home improvement headaches, but please only contact us if you are interested in learning more about our wall coating products and not for free DIY advice as you won’t get it!

(apologies for sounding cheeky but it had to be said)

Hopefully the questions and answers above may help you decide whether to contact ourselves with a view to having work done on your home. You can call us on 0800 970 4928.

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