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Durable exterior wall coatings for British retail premises, like this post office we painted

We paint shops as well as peoples houses

This busy high street post office sees hundreds of customers through it’s door each week, but time had taken it’s toll on the outside walls, so much so, that various defects were found by our surveyor when he went to price up the work.

There were various areas of render that had cracked and come away from the main walls, patches of damp, mould, flaky paint and a host of other problems we got to work renovating the outside walls of this post office and newsagents shop.

Here we show you how we refurbish the exterior of a retail premises.

Unlike a house, a commercial premises often needs to be kept open all the time, so when we carry out exterior refurbishment works to a commercial premises such as this.

We have to take a different approach than we would a private house, even though this building also included the owners generous accommodation.

We also take great care must be taken in protecting the general public so a full safety assessment is always carried out before work commences.

It’s of course easier when we paint the outside of a closed-down post office, but more often than not we have to consider the customers of a business like this and we offer a full project management when we take on a job like this.

This is what the side of the building looked like before work started

Renovating exterior walls
Renovating exterior walls

And this is a bit of the rear of the shop.

Note the scored render, which is, from experience, very difficult to match in repairs, but we did it, and you will see the photos lower down on the page.

Repairing cracks in rendered walls is an essential process that our expert teams carry out on buildings which need repair, which will ensure the longevity of the textured masonry wall coating that we apply.

Scored render coating on post office to be painted
Scored render coating on post office to be painted

What we did to refurbish the shop.

We removed old and hollow render and replaced it with a new render coating, although in this case, we had to reinstate the pattern on the render so a flat and smooth finish was not appropriate for this building.

This image shows a wide shot of the rear after rendering repair

Rear of post office after render repairs
Rear of post office after render repairs

After the repairs, we masked up the windows and protected the areas around the building

There are several stages to applying our paint system

We then applied a weatherproof primer coating by hand, and then sprayed a top coat of NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coatings which do not fade, flake, crack or peel, and come with a 20 year insurance backed written warranty.

Here is the AFTER image for the rear of the shop

Rear with a finished wall covering paint scheme, fully guaranteed
Rear with a finished wall covering paint scheme, fully guaranteed

This property will now be able to concentrate on serving its many customers, without the need to close down and have the building painted each year, saving the business owners a considerable sum of money, and a lot of hassle.

The front of this post office, all finished and with a brand new wall coating paint system!

A high street post office in Cheshire
A high street post office in Cheshire

And to finish it off, here is another view of the newly painted shop front and what a smart retail unit it is now, coupled with the benefit that it does need any more money spending on it, nor any pause in trading, for the next 20 years.

To get a quote for a long life exterior wall coating on your business, or your home, call the commercial team free today!

They can be reached on (0800) 970 4928

It doesn’t matter if your business premises is being used or not, we can work around YOUR needs, within reason, to get the job done.

This also includes minor changes to the building (remember we are also builders by trade, not painters and decorators), and your first port of call would be to get in contact with us to discuss your exact needs.

We can tailor the project to whatever you like, which includes repairing and painting the building in stages, one wall at a time, to minimise any disruption to your daily business.

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