Penetrating damp and the effects it has on your home

How to solve the problem of rising or penetrating damp

Does your property suffer from penetrating damp? Does your home suffer from Mould, mildew, condensation or dampness?

Do you despair of trying to find the cure for all this, and without breaking the bank?

Your walls may LOOK ok but did you know that each individual brick in your house can hold up to 1.5 pints of water!

Warm air inside and cold air outside causes an “osmotic” action which means that the water is drawn through the wall via “capillary retraction” causing internal damp. Porous brick can act as a “sponge” drawing in many litres of water into the microscopic holes without increasing in size.

This is commonly known as penetrating damp.

Damp getting into internal walls causes the plaster to break down, surface cracking, flaking and a spongy texture to the surface.

These are ideal breeding conditions for black spot mould and mildew which may cause health problems especially to the very young or very old or to people who suffer from respiratory impairments such as asthma or bronchitis.

Cement render/ Tyrolean/Pebbledash and Spar dash are usually used to cover up spalling bricks The main problem with these is that all are water based and are virtually concrete “sponges”.

Each square yard can hold up to 1 Gallon of water and the bricks beneath can hold up to 1.5 pints each. The sponge effect we have talked about will cause penetrating damp and would require damp wall treatment.

Rain and damp Penetration into Masonry

Rain penetration into masonry (penetrating damp) can occur in buildings of all ages.

At its most obvious, it penetrates right through the wall and is visible as a damp patch on the internal wall. However, rainwater penetration can be damaging to a property, even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall. For example, moss growth, increased heat loss, and frost damage can be caused by rain penetration into masonry.

So what can I do about damp?

High performance Wall coating and DPC injected chemical damp proof course services can permanently cure these defects; why not read this article to see what can be done about damp homes, especially if your house is suffering from penetrating or rising damp!?

All of our Never Paint Again products will permanently cure penetrating damp in your house or commercial building. One of the main causes of penetrating damp is the occurrence of spalling brickwork, cracked cement render or pebble dash, or the face of bricks blown and detached from the surface, allowing water to soak into brickwork or substrate.

NEVERPAINTAGAIN wall coatings are flexible and micro porous, acting like a tough skin when applied to exterior wall surfaces. Water and rain cannot pass through to the brickwork ensuring your walls dry out, and then stay dry.

We even offer a guarantee for 20 years that this will not happen again.

As our range of wall coatings act in a similar fashion to the human skin (allowing moisture out, but not in) any water vapour trapped in the bricks will pass through to the outside allowing the walls to breathe and therefore to dry out.

This eliminates penetrating damp, cracked and blown render, and also protects interior plaster and decorations from further damage, so as you can see, although instances of penetrating damp are certainly cause for concern, there is no instance where we cannot help you, and permanently cure damp problems.

There have been one or two so called “experts” in a certain national newspaper who pretend they are a builder (the 1st builder in England with a NUJ card maybe?) who have posted information to say that a wall coating may seal up your wall and cause more damage over time. ??

This is utter rubbish.

There are many other exterior wall coating manufacturers who are even nothing to do with us, who would back us up on our claims. External wall coverings act the same way as the human skin and contain billions of microscopic holes which allow natural expansion and contraction but do not allow the moisture to get into the house.

Full data and proof is available from most exterior wall coating companies, just ask, they should be only too happy to disprove the nonsense that has been written about wall coatings!

Our coatings are fully breathable, and we also suggest that coatings From NEVER PAINT AGAIN, allow the walls to breathe, just like an NPA exterior wall coating does!

Rising Damp

Walls can become damp from the foundations upwards if a damp course has been breached or if no damp course exists, especially on older properties.

The capillary action of the brickwork allows water at the base of a property to permeate to the brick course above and therefore dampness will rise up the walls.

What are the problems are caused by rising damp?

render repairs to a corner wall, final coat to be smoothed

Rising damp will continue to rise if left unchecked, and will cause dampness inside the property ruining décor, furniture and causing rotting in the fabric of the property. If you have rising damp in your home, get it attended to by us as soon as possible. THE LONGER YOU LEAVE IT, THE WORSE IT WILL GET.

What can I do about it?

After repairs or after renewal of the damp course, NEVERPAINTAGAIN high performance wall coatings applied to your exterior walls will allow the damp to disperse to the outside but would protect against rain and damp being absorbed back into the walls, therefore the property would be allowed to dry out

Please go to the Contact page and request details from us about how we could help you solve your problems. All materials used by us are of the highest quality and we believe are the BEST products of their type. No matter what problems you have with your house, we can cure it.


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