A park home after wall coating

Flexible, weatherproof park home and static caravan exterior coatings

Do you own a park home and it needs painting?

How about a durable weatherproof paint that will not need painting again for 20 years?

For those who don’t know and have surfed in on the internet looking for information, A park home is a residential, mobile home, prefabricated in a factory and erected on site as a bungalow.

This charming little house in Norwich needed some TLC and a weatherproof paint job for the outside.

We often get called in to paint the exteriors of mobile homes, painting portacabins and for painting park homes and this lovely place certainly needed a bit more than a lick of paint to keep it in tip-top condition for the proud home owners.

Because homes like this are made around a wooden and/or metal frame, a wholly different approach is required, after all, we can’t start knocking the walls with hammers on this one!

We started with the park home looking rather forlorn, in fact a bit like this

A park home before we started work
A park home before we started work

Painting Park Homes is not as easy as it looks

We then power washed the walls down, after treating with a special fungicide to kill off any mould spores that may have attached themselves to the house.

We then filled any cracks or gaps around the joins, and masked up the windows.

We then applied the special weatherproof primer, so the house at that stage, looked like this.

Masking and primer on park home
We took great care not to make any mess. Masking and primer on park home

Once the primer coat had been allowed to dry, the team set up the spray machine and started mixing the Textured exterior wall coating, in readiness for spray application to the house.

Once we started spraying, it is evident that this is the fastest part of the job and the final coat is usually applied in one whole day so all surfaces dry in evenly

Painting Park Homes with flexible coatings to avoid cracks

Now we can show the finished product!

The breathable, durable and weatherproof wall coating that was applied to the exterior of this park home will now not need to be redone until the year 2027 !

This flexible exterior paint coating for your park home is guaranteed for 20 years NOT TO fade, crack, chip or peel.

A park home after wall coating

If you live in a park home, there are plenty of benefits over a traditional home, so much so that if you get bored of the view, you can put it on a lorry and move elsewhere!


We can in some cases apply flexible weatherproof coatings to a park home, generally larger houses than the one shown on this page.

Call us on 0800 970 4928 for a free quote for a flexible coating for a park home

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