An example of an exterior wall coating

Wall coatings are suitable for newer houses too, like this waterside home in Plymouth

Although we work nationally and do quite a few miles each year, it’s always nice to work on a house close by, so here’s an example of when we applied a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating, to a modern home in the waterside village of Oreston, Plymouth.

It’s a common misconception that our wall coating service is just for older homes, in fact we repair and paint houses of all shapes and sizes and even modern ones present their own challenges, so read on and find out what we did to this house.

Case study, summer 2017: Oreston, Plymouth, Devon.

The property is located in the Oreston area of Plymstock, Devon.

Oreston used to be a small fishing village just outside the city, but urban sprawl and population increase meant it was slowly absorbed into the city limits.

It lies near to the mouth of the river Plym, where it meets the sea, and where so many explorers set sail to discover the world, many years ago.

The area of the water is know local at the “Cattewater” and as you can imagine being near to the sea, normal paint on a house like this doesn’t last long and gets buffeted by sea spray and wind-driven rain

This quickly erodes the paint surface, so the choice of having a long-life all weather wall coating suited the client down the ground.

Here is what we started with, a modern house situated adjacent to the river Plym, in Devon.

oreston house before painting


As the house was not too old it was in a pretty stable condition, although obviously the paintwork had seen better days and needed a bit of “pizzazz” given to it, (if that actually is a real word)?!

The bonus for us working on a house like this is the fact that unlike older homes, we didn’t really have to carry out any repairs to the building.

It was pretty much mask up the doors and windows, apply primer and then spray apply the top coat, although we had to get a local scaffolding company to erect a platform so we could work over the top of the clients conservatory.

Here is the rear of the house before painting work started

rear of house in plymstock before painting

The customer wanted to retain the “quoins”, the vertical castellated effect of brickwork running down each corner. (This is pronounced “coins”.)

What we had to do in this case was a bit of skilled work shaping corner angle beading up each corner, a task that took some time to complete as we had to be exact about it.

We then rendered the shape we had created, which as you can see in the following photos, this was a fiddly job!

creating the quoins


Once we had put two good coats of rendering on them, we had to allow them to dry before we started the painting on the rest of the house, although as an easy comparison, the photo below shows the same quoins with the rendering on them….

We are experts in recreating all kinds of features and mouldings

finished raised corner quoins

Quite a dramatic difference eh?

As usual, and as explained hundreds of times on other case studies on this website, once the house had had all the repairs done, we covered up the windows with tape and paper, laid sheets down to protect the floor, and then we applied our primer by hand.

Once this has dried, we don’t paint our coating onto the wall, we SPRAY it, fusing each bit of paint to the wall, ensuring a uniform, weatherproof paint finish across the house, protecting the walls from erosion from the nearby sea and river.

Side and rear of house with a weatherproof wall covering

rear and side of house in Oreston after painting

As you can see the photo above was taken when we were clearing up and putting our stuff back in the van to go to the next job.

We are very tidy workers and never ever leave any mess!

Here is the finished article, taken from the front of the house

Front of modern house after textured coatings

This home now has an exterior wall coating which will not only stay this colour for 20 years, it also will not be eroded by the coastal weather and will not need any more painting at all, for at least 20 years, guaranteed.

We have quite a few customers in nearby areas such as Plympton, Elburton, Hooe, Mount Batten, Wembury, Yealmpton, Brixton, Plymstock, in fact if you are considering having our system on your home, we can show you quite a few examples of our work!

We of course don’t give out our clients name and address but rest assured if you want a reference, we can provide one, not a problem and it’s good to be 100% sure this is what you want on your house so if contacting us to get a house painting estimate we can answer any of your questions.

Saying that, we also work around the country, so if this is your sort of thing, give us a ring!

How much does a “Never Paint Again” exterior textured wall coating cost?

Our prices are based on many factors including the size of a house and of course how much repair work needs to be done to it.

You can contact us by filling out this secure form, and a team member will call you back to discuss your house painting project.

Our service is available nationwide but that does not mean we are expensive, so contact us today or call 0800 970 4928

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We are proud to be one of the best known painters and decorators in Devon, Established in 1986, and here for you.

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