3 bed detached house with wall coating

A mock tudor property in Harrogate with our wall coating

Here is another completed exterior wall coatings job, this detached residence in Harrogate, Yorkshire,  is smooth rendered with mock tudor features and we refurbished the external walls with NPA wall coatings.

So what exactly IS mock Tudor?

Tudor, of course, refers to the times of Henry the 8th, Queen Elizabeth the first and all that jazz, so of course MOCK Tudor is a style that comes from a resurgence of using this certain style but in a modern built environment.

The big difference is that mock Tudor beams are simply additions, screwed onto a façade of a house, and often having painted panels in-between, normally all the same size.

REAL Tudor houses had this style as the beams were more STRUCTURAL to the very fabric of the building itself, and as they were often roughly hewn from whole tree trunks, a uniform finish is rare and often only on the houses of the rich and wealthy of the time who could afford additional carpenters.

As you can see, this house in Harrogate had seen better days….

I think it's time to fix this mock tudor mess up.
I think it’s time to fix this mock Tudor mess up.

So the big difference between old and new Tudor style is that the mock Tudor style nowadays is purely decorative, as opposed to the REAL deal which is often but not always, structural

As you can see by the photos, the house was generally in good order apart from the extensive problems with flaky and peeling paint, all of which had to be removed before we could continue.

We then had to mask up and cover the mock Tudor beams, and then applied a weatherproof primer coat to the walls, and allowed to dry.

Prep work before painting in progress…

This shows us working on the Mock tudor walls
This shows us working on the Mock Tudor walls

A bit of info about what we did to fix up this property

It is a long drawn-out and fiddly process for our teams to paint mock Tudor homes, not that we mind of course (!) because we don’t have large, flat and smooth wall areas to paint as of course we have to deal with each panel separately.

So as you can see from the images, we had to mask up each part of the woodwork, deal with the rendered wall areas, and then remove the masking afterwards and re-paint the black beams.

This is another view of us wrapping up the building, this time, from the road.

More masking up before exterior house painting can start
More masking up before exterior house painting can start

We often use marine paint for finishing off the mock Tudor beams due to it’s excellent weathering abilities, after all if a paint can stand years away at sea on a boat, then a bit of the old Yorkshire rain and drizzle will be nothing!

We then spray applied NPA fine grade textured masonry coating to the exterior walls of the house.

We then removed the masking and repainted by hand, all the Tudor beams.

The house in Harrogate, finished with an exterior wall coating! This house will not need to be repainted or repaired for at least 20 years
The house in Harrogate, finished with an exterior wall coating!

This house now has an insurance backed, 20 year warranty against cracking, fading, peeling or chipping, and will not need any further painting or repair for at least 20 years!

We’ve painted many houses in Harrogate over the years, but we actually work in all areas of the UK so if your house needs painting, we’re the ones to call.

Although the weather wasn’t too great, this is the finished article as seen from outside in the street.

Harrogate detached home with a new paint finish on the exterior
Harrogate detached home with a new paint finish on the exterior

This system is suitable for all types of house, so if you want to find out more, get in contact with us!

To find out more about what an external wall covering can do for your home, visit the main exterior wall coatings page which has a lot more information about the products we used here today.

Contact us today for a quote on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email to arrange a free estimate for house painting

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