cornwall bungalow showing stone work waterproofed with our coatings

Making good a previous badly-applied wall coating in Cornwall.

We rescued the owners of this bungalow in Cornwall who had been the victim of a cowboy wall coating company. It had to be done from scratch but now it will last the full 20 years now.

This bungalow near Boscastle on the North Cornish coast looked out over a verdant, sweeping valley, but required repairs to the render and a new coat of paint, something the owners did not think they would have to do.

This place was lovely in the summer, but the rest of the year the driving rain and cold winds from the Atlantic ocean, buffeted the house and caused several cracks to appear, including patches of hollow and loose render.

A long term solution was needed by the owners, to avoid yearly painting and repair of this delightful home and that solution came in the form of a good thick coating of our coloured exterior wall coating system.

Unfortunately the owners were previously conned by a rogue trader who did not carry out the correct prep work to the walls, so the sprayed wall coating did not last very long at all.

As the house has 2 different wall surfaces, we also used a clear coating on the front of the house which had natural stone walling.

2 different treatments were required to weatherproof this house and correct the previous bodge job.

Our damp proof wall coating does not alter the appearance of your home but gives superior weather protection for up to 20 years, so we will show you how its done.

The house had been previously coated with a textured wall coating but the company who did it did not do the correct preparation or the repairs to the house.

Lo and behold the coating didn’t last it’s expected lifespan and had to be done again.

An exterior wall coating has to be applied in a specific way or it will fail.

This is where the badly applied wall coating peeled off

Repairing cracks in rendering
Repairing cracks in rendering

The owners were not that impressed with the house painters who originally did the work, especially as they did not honour their guarantee, so they had to pay us to re-do the textured coating across the entire house.

Repairs and prep work for a wall coating

We found out the extent of the previous poor workmanship once we had got to work on prepping the walls for the paint system, especially as some of the coating on the walls came away in sheets as it had come away from the surface beneath!

During two rainy weeks one spring, the team from the Plymouth depot travelled down to the house and worked very hard (between rain showers!) to get the job done and as you can see the results speak for themselves!

This is what the front looked like after we had applied a transparent wall coating to the walls.

The good thing about the coating is that it offers full weather protection but does not change the look.

A bungalow in Cornwall with a clear wall coating on stone
A bungalow in Cornwall with a clear wall coating on stone

The job was completed by one of our authorised dealers, now sadly moved on to new pastures due to family commitments.

We had to do crack repairs around the house, as in the photo near the top of the page, plus we masked up the windows and smoothed out the edges where the old coating had come away.

We then primed it and then sprayed a polar white wall coating in a medium texture, which will repel all the wet weather that this area gets.

Afterwards of course, we did a through clean of the site, making sure no mess was left anywhere and all waste was removed.

The house now has an exterior wall covering with a 20 year warranty, and the job, this time, was done properly!

If you are the owner of a house that has had an exterior wall coating which has not lasted and the company are long gone, give us a call as we can help you, although this won’t be for free.

Here is the rear from the owners’ verdant garden

cornwall bungalow

You may be surprised how we can apply the highest quality exterior wall coating house painting system at the best possible price, a price to suit YOUR budget!

We have been painting houses in Cornwall since 1986, but we actually now operate in all areas of mainland UK so wherever you live, and whatever type of house you own, we can repair, weatherproof and paint it, in only a few days.

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