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Some handy tips and advice for the novice decorator

Painting and decorating your home?

Why not give your property a new look this year with some very useful painting and decorating tips from Never Paint Again? There is also a link to a handy paint calculator, so you need only buy enough paint to do your decorating job, saving you money!

Save money on paints, wall coatings and decorating services with us this year.

The start of the new year is as good time as any to plan any decorating you want doing, and to make a list of things to do around the house so it’s easier to spread the work, and of course the cost too.

One of the quickest and easiest things to improve a house is to paint it.

This article deals with stuff that YOU can do, namely painting and decorating the internal rooms and fittings, not the outside.

Painting and decorating a room is, for some people, quite a daunting task when walking into your local Homebase or Wickes and seeing row upon row of all different types of paint, different brands and different colours.

In addition to that, even more shelves of colour mixers, brushes, rollers, tools, where does it all end!

A trip to the paint shop need not be scary!

Paintbrush resting on brown bottle of paint

Despite the endless rows of paint in store, most (but definitely NOT all) paint shops and DIY stores have trained staff who can help you choose the right paint for the job, however choosing what colour to use in another ball game entirely!

Try the paint before you buy!

Decorating a room or an area in your house can bring instant benefits and a nicer environment, but choose the WRONG colour and you can end up with a headache, literally, after painting what you thought was a relaxing terracotta and turned out to be orange!

Buy various PAINT SAMPLES first and test them on areas of the wall.

This is because you could view as many paint samples and swatches as you can but the paint will not only look different when it dries out, it will look different in certain light, and also viewing on a screen, will look completely different again!

Some DIY stores have light boxes that simulate what the paint will look like under direct sunlight or domestic lighting so it’s worth using that to make sure the colour you choose is what you really want..

Never paint again wall coating

Choose your colour carefully!

If you still can’t decide on what colour to paint the room, and after all there is a massive choice on the market, then why not make your own colour?

Most paint stores and large DIY shops have a paint mixing machine and can mix up a sample for you to try.

You really do need to think carefully about whether you like the colour because you do not want to have to paint the room each and every year do you?

Now you have the colour finalised, what next?

Painting and decorating your home.

So we have the colour all sorted, but what about the TYPE of paint you will need as there are certain types of paint for specific jobs, such as paint for bathrooms which actively repel mould and algae and are specially developed for damp environments and where condensation occurs.

The same goes for kitchen decorating, and there are paints available which repel spills and splashes and are easily wiped clean.

Paints for kitchens and bathrooms are not new as such, but modern paint technology has seen these special paints now become available with a matt sheen instead of a shiny surface so there’s no excuse now for you not to paint these busy areas inside your home.

In fact many people start their home decoration tasks in the rooms or areas that are used the MOST such as the lounge, the hallways, the kitchen etc, and this can bring instant satisfaction as you will be very aware of your handy work, as opposed to slapping a lick of paint inside the airing cupboard!

How much paint do I need?

A woman decorator Tips on painting and decorating
Tips on painting and decorating


Well that largely depends on ….er…….. how large a space you have to paint! Do NOT go and buy cheap and discounted paint as it will not last as long as good quality paint and you will end up using twice the amount, AND twice the effort too.

Always think QUALITY when buying paints.

The issue of how much paint to buy is a tough one. Buy too much, especially in a certain unusual or uncommon colour and the shop won’t entertain a refund, especially so for paints mixed for you in-store.

Buy too LITTLE paint and that means another trip to store and a delay in getting the job done. To combat this, the chaps at SHERWIN WILLIAMS paints came up with this handy room paint calculator tool. (will open in a new window)

So once you have worked out how much paint you need, what next?

Prepare to paint

As with most DIY jobs, some form of preparation is called for before you start. Typically this would include:

  • Moving and covering furniture away from the walls.
  • Laying dust sheets, old blankets or newspaper under where you plan to paint. You are doing the WALLS and NOT the carpet!
  • A work area, maybe and old upturned box, just keep the mess isolated in one area.
  • Sanding down rough areas of the walls.
  • Filling in cracks.
  • Getting all your tools, paints and brushes ready for the job.

Once you have everything ready, be sure also to keep pets and children away from wherever you are working, and make sure any paints or chemicals are well out of the reach of kids.

If your wall is newly plastered then you need to seal it before painting, or the paint will be “sucked into” the wall by the still-drying plaster and will then look patchy and uneven.

You can use a special plaster sealing liquid, or set aside a small amount of emulsion, water it down, and paint the wall with it. You can also invest in Polycell 3-in-1 wall primer if you want a really professional job.

So there you are, some advice for decorating inside your home in the new year! By adding some new colour to various rooms in your home, you can bring a whole new look and feel to your house.

Once you have finished, as your furniture should be stacked in the middle of room under a sheet, why not experiment with moving the furniture around in a different way, for a real impact!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please remember to use the buttons below to SHARE this page with others and why not leave a VOTE below using the stars rating system. Thanks and happy decorating!

This was an original article by house painting guru Guy Alexander Bell.

Painting the exterior though is fraught with danger and potential problems, so you are best to leave that to someone like Never Paint Again UK who specialise in painting the outsides of houses.

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