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NPA. Your Exterior wall coating company in Yorkshire

Do you own a house in Yorkshire and the exterior needs some work?

All across the North of England, People like you are benefiting from weatherproof render wall coverings which not only look fabulous, they stop damp, never fade, they don’t crack, and they come with a 20 year insurance-backed warranty.

Never Paint Again render coatings for the walls of your house, can cure the majority of external wall problems with a one-time application of our render coating by specialist teams, all of whom are based, and from, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire experts painting homes in Yorkshire, for Yorkshire people!

Never Paint Again are wall specialists with offices in Yorkshire, but with a national network of dealers across the UK too, meaning we are big enough to cope, but small enough to care.

The company offers you the finest quality external wall coverings in both rendered form, and in a flexible spray applied coating, all of which can be applied to almost any house, for ultimate long term weather resistance.

The original and genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN are professional exterior refurbishment contractors, who use the best quality materials, but offer you the LOWEST PRICE for what is by far the best thing you could ever do to your house!

Over the the years we have painted hundreds of homes across Yorkshire (and further afield too) and we bring our local knowledge and expertise to the exterior of your house!

A durable protective wall coating is applied to your house walls by spray machine and takes the form of a Polymer resin based coating which has many benefits which commonly include

  • Tough! –Our systems are custom made to withstand all extremes of temperature and climatic conditions, meaning that your house will be completely protected against all inclement weather and the damp that comes with the rains.
  • Breathable– Our render coatings have a special microporous composition, which acts like the human skin because as it allows moisture and dampness to evaporate OUT of your wall, but will NOT let water back in. It does not seal up the house but it remains water tight!
  • Will not fade! – NPA add pigments to the wall coating during manufacture, ensuring that the colours stay looking as good and bright as the day our teams finish!
  • Very Flexible – Never paint again coatings are super flexible and as such do not crack, flake or peel.
front of house completed wall coating job
A completed job!

A Rendering company in Yorkshire that you can rely on!

We go out of our way to ensure each job is finished to the highest possible standard.

We always repair any render that needs doing, before we apply our wall coatings, however we also do a range of render coatings too, in addition to the rendering itself, and they do not require painting over, and are known as Monocouche or through render.

Our coloured render (stucco) is only one of the range of services we offer (just mouse over “products and services” at the top of this page to see all of them) and we guarantee that we can find a solution for your house that fits in with your requirements and your budget.

Never paint again durable wall rendering is available in 3 main variations

  • Coloured render
  • Traditional sand and Cement Render (+ Spray coatings)
  • Thermally insulated render

These coatings also stop penetrating damp.

Our  wall protection system has many benefits including damp proofing of the exterior walls, if applicable, which is a service that comes with our comprehensive 20 year guarantee against water and damp penetration into your property, no matter where you live.

Condensation and damp in the home is a common problem in many houses nowadays, especially with the long period of cold and damp weather that, at the time of writing, is slowly creeping back into homes up and down the area.

When it rains in Yorkshire, IT RAINS!

Trust me, if you don’t have damp, you really don’t want it! If you DO have damp, I assure you, if you fail to get it fixed up now, it’s gonna get much worse, and eventually a damp home will affect your health. No I’m not saying that to try and sell you our coatings (!), I am being very honest here.

xterior wall coatings todmorden

So is this coating on my home the answer?

The NPA exterior masonry wall coating system could, in theory, be the answer to the problems that you face with your home, including the rising costs of maintenance too!

We offer this service across the whole of the UK, and a quote from us is completely FREE and with no pressure or obligation at all.

We provide you with a fixed price quote, in writing, for you to consider in your own time.

We guarantee to BEAT the price of any similar company as part of our PRICE CHALLENGE.

If you are wanting the best Yorkshire wall coatings from a reputable group, then we can help you

Our rendering company can provide you with a written report on the condition of your walls, and a fixed price quotation in writing, for you to consider at your leisure.

Your home could be maintenance free in less than a week with the revolutionary Never Paint Again exterior wall render system!

Contact us today for a FREE quote!

The Wall Coating Co., Unit 2, Dolly lane Business centre, Dolly lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7NN .

PS we work all around the UK, not just Yorkshire.

You can click HERE to see a job in Yorkshire we did quite recently.

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