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S’mae! Ti’n iawn? Ydych chi’n siarad Cymraeg?


Wales is a diverse and beautiful country but due to it’s topography and mountains, it gets a lot of rain.

Houses located in Wales have to work that much harder than their cousins over the border in England, to keep the building warm and dry and free of damp.

Damp can cause all manner of problems in any house and if your exterior walls are not looked after, they can let you down, big time.

Working in Wales since the late 1980’s!

Normal masonry painting to Welsh houses is only ever a stopgap solution and yearly painting is, for some, a thankless and costly task.

So what is the solution if your home in Wales needs painting but the thought of having to pay to have it done the subsequent year is not what you want, what is the solution?

Exterior wall coverings will protect your house. End of

Instead of having your usual painter and decorator in to paint the outside of your house every year, stop for a minute and consider the reasons why loads of properties, both large and small, across Wales and beyond, have benefited from the Never Paint Again exterior wall covering system.

This special thick and durable coating, a bit like a long life paint, which is applied by our teams, not only stops damp, it does NOT crack, does not fade nor peel, and our wall covering service also stops your walls going green with mould or algae!

Front of house with textured coatings
A previous render and paint job in Mold, North wales

A great product for coastal homes or houses in an exposed location

Once our exterior wall coating is applied to the outside of your house, It cuts prevailing wind chill, making the inside of your house feel MUCH more cosy and welcoming AND should save you money on future heating bills!

Welsh house painting?

  • Do you pine for a perfect pine end?
  • Does damp depress you?
  • Are your bricks broken?
  • Does the exterior of your house look scruffy or dirty?
  • Fed up with musty smells in the house?
Terraced house in Porthmadog Wales freshly painted exterior with Wethertex wall coatings

The damp resistant wall coatings we use have special resins which repel water when it rains, but crucially they do not SEAL the house and allow for breathing, the natural movement and passage of air in and out of the house.

It’s important that you house breathes, by that I mean, it is allows to naturally expand and contract.

The exterior wall finish you are left with will look great for 20 years, will repeal all types of damp, and wont need to be painted or maintained at all!

Want to see some of our previous work in Wales?

No problem, we have loads of completed wall coatings examples in Wales to show you, they are some on this site to see (gallery pages) and our agents have even more examples to show you if you decide to request a FREE home appraisal and survey from our surveyors.

front in wales after never paint again wall coating

We cover the whole area of Wales, including valleys, coastal towns and mountain areas.

This service is FREE and WITHOUT pressure or obligation, it is just the best way for us to advertise, and show people what we do.

As we don’t have flashy showrooms to pay rent for, we can keep our prices LOW in relation to the sheer amount of work that is carried out to make a house maintenance free with our never fade and never crack textured masonry coatings

Why not stick around the North Wales Wall Coatings website and choose from the menu at the top?

There is quite a bit of info to see including various EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUSLY WALL COATED JOBS.

Not only will your house in North Wales look fabulous, thanks to our team of LOCAL wall coatings agents and representatives, you wont have to get it painted or repaired for at least 20 years and THAT is guaranteed.

Textured wall coatings

If you need your house painted, repaired, Insulated or rendered give us a call today, we would love to hear from you.

Wales’ Premier Protective Wall Coatings Company.

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“Never Paint Again!” ch rhifa hun du allan d] yn arlliwio a furia caen chwmni.

Ddisgwyliwn llwybreiddia at yn clywed bacia chennych!

(No, I’ve no idea either. I’ve probably just ordered 2 rolls of wallpaper and bag of potatoes or something…..)

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