A newly built bungalow

Bungalow in Nottingham with a new exterior wall finish

Here is another one of our finished jobs from the archives.

This new build Bungalow had just been rendered with sand and cement based render to a smooth finish, and all we had to do to protect the render was to apply a coat of fine textured exterior masonry coating to make a new wall finish.

Although our company does offer rendering services, in this case the owner had already had it rendered by his builder, so for us, that is great as we do not have to spend ages repairing the house before we can apply our exterior wall coatings.

This also means that the cost to the client is much cheaper.

We often get asked “How much is it to render a house?” or “What are the costs of rendering”

To be honest, the actual rendering itself is not massively expensive but wouldn’t it be awful if you paid money to have some render the house, but as you did not apply something over the top of the render to protect it, it went and cracked?!!!

The downside with rendering a house for many is the fact that you cannot just leave the bare grey render without either painting it or applying a protective covering over the top.

If you don’t it tends to soak up water, crack and then eventually cause dampness inside the house.

How we protected the wall render on this house

Smooth rendered house with a protective wall covering
Smooth rendered house with a protective wall covering

Unfortunately I have mislaid the “before” images, although there was not much to see, just newly laid block walls, but you get the picture I hope!

The render is now fully protected and the wall coating will keep its colour, protect the walls and will not chip, crack, flake or peel, for over 20 years, meaning the owners have no need to paint the house.

Here is another view of the house after work finished.

Brand new render wall coatings on a house
Brand new render wall coatings on a house

If you have a new build house or a new extension to an existing property, we can provide you with most types of exterior wall finish, starting from the bare bricks or blocks, eliminating the need for you to get several contractors in to do the work.

The final shot is a nice one! Look how clean the walls are!

Brand new rendering and a fresh coat of protective paint
Brand new rendering and a fresh coat of protective paint

When we work on houses we don’t just paint them, we often get asked to carry out alterations or even install new UPVC double glazed windows at your request!

We carry out exterior rendering and painting work on a variety of buildings, from terraced houses, to grand mansions, to factory buildings.

So what does an exterior wall coating look like close up?

Well, we sprayed a FINE textured coating on the wall, and here is a sample of the sort of texture would find if you looked up close to the wall.

Fine grade textured wall coating for smooth render
Fine grade textured wall coating for smooth render

So no matter what type of home you live in, you can be sure that Never Paint Again will be able to refurbish the exterior of the building at a cost that will make you happy.

This is especially true as once we finish, it will not need re-painting for at least 20 years!

This house was rendered with sand and cement mortar over new blocks and then protected with an NPA masonry coating.

Why not get in touch with us, we offer this service across the UK. Call the team for an informal chat on 0800 970 4928. We are open Monday to Sunday

Never Paint Again, First Coat Solutions, 3 Oswin road, Leicester, LE3 1HR.

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