gable end after never paint again wall coating

Repairs and protective wall coatings for commercial buildings

Never paint again UK have painted the outsides of 1,000s of houses with the special wall coating system but did you know we don’t  only do exterior house painting on houses, we do hotels, factories, shops and commercial buildings too?

Repairing and painting someone’s house, although hard work, is quite easy for us, after all, it’s our job, it’s what we do each day, but did you know that if you own, or are in charge of, a large building or a commercial or retail premises, your company can also benefit from our system?

We have an enviable track record of experience in refurbishing the exteriors of many different types of retail and commercial buildings over the years, each one bringing its own challenges.

Take a look at some of the business premises we have painted in the past

One of the main things that is different from when we paint a house, is the fact that often the business is operational each day and we have to work around the daily activity of the business, after all who in business can afford to close the shop for a week whilst we paint it?

Spar shop painted exterior

Aside from painting houses, we have painted shops (see above), churches, schools, public buildings, hotels, factories, pubs, guest houses, military buildings, garages, in fact the whole range of buildings can be protected from the weather, and from future painting costs with the Never Paint Again exterior wall coating system.

Here is a selection of different commercial wall coating jobs from the archives.

Painting the outside of a factory, back in 2001

We were contracted way back in 2003 to paint the exterior of this factory in Berkshire which was clad in asbestos sheeting.


The factory here, as you can see from the “Before” photo was made of corrugated asbestos sheets and therefore had to be sprayed, not painted, however normal paint would not last on this surface, but the added danger was the fact the walls were asbestos.

Removal of this is not recommended, but encapsulating with a coating IS recommended so we got to work and sprayed a special wall coating to the walls, and then finished off the windows with normal paints. What a difference!

wall coatings on old factory painting

Post office painters and decorators.

The next project we look at was a large post office with owners accommodation to the rear.

This presented several challenges in not only keeping the business open, but also this property had quite considerable rendering needed to be replaced at the rear.

A post office that we painted
A post office that we painted

This busy post office could of course, NOT shut down whilst we painted so very careful attention was given to the timings of when we worked at the front, and also the protection and safety of customers and passers by.

This business owner saved a fortune on future maintenance costs, plus his post office is now the smartest retail premises in the street!

Hotel painting contractors.

From time to time we get asked to paint the exteriors of hotels, pubs and guest houses and here is another small selection highlighting what Never Paint Again UK can do for your business.

gable end after never paint again wall coating

Here is the San Remo Hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is now benefiting from a weatherproof external wall covering, fully guaranteed for 20 years.

…or we have this example, which is a Guest house with holiday cottages in Cumbria.

Redmain house cumbrian peak district guest house painted in exterior wall coating paint

This imposing property with amazing views, was one of  a handful of holiday accommodation that we have repaired and painted with NPA exterior wall coatings giving a completely maintenance free exterior wall finish, no hassle to you or your guests, and a warranty stating that the paint will not fade, peel or flake for at least 20 years, and it stops damp too!

We could go on all day showing these examples, so make sure you take a look through the entire job archive, accessible from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Painted guest house with exterior wall coating

The last one we are going to look at today is a former mansion which is now a restaurant.

Painters and decorators for catering and hospitality premises.

This amazing building was a manor house in Cheshire, but as time went on, the land around it was sold, and the building ended up as a residential care home. Over the subsequent years it fell into disrepair and when we took it on it was a mammoth task.

We took this daunting task on when most builders, and all decorators, would not touch it.


And with a tremendous amount of hard work, we turned it into this…….

The spirit restaurant warrington cheshire
The spirit restaurant Warrington Cheshire

This property looked fabulous after the teams finished, and in fact it still does. You can visit this top rated restaurant any time.

Wall Coating services for homes and businesses.

So what is so special about our exterior wall coating service?

Unlike a decorator, we carry out all the repairs needed to your premises, such as alterations, rendering, damp proofing, installing new signage etc, whatever you need or want, and then we apply, by spray, a special long life wall coating.

The benefits of this are the fact that as it does not need to be reapplied for up to 20 years, your business will not have a yearly or twice annually disruption whilst the building exterior is repainted. It is done just once, and then that is it, for the next 20 years.

All our wall coating systems come with a 20 year insurance backed warranty

We also work closely with architects and buildings managers to comply with all legislation and law, we have a health and safety policy with zero accident rate, and also our teams are fully insured against any eventuality. Call us for more information and prices and let us quote you.

To find out more, send the team an email here, or call us on (0800) 970 4928

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