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Revealed! The amount of money saved with Insulation

Insulating wall coatings can reduce heat loss, cure damp, solve cold wall problems, cure wet walls, and stop cracks, wall erosion and deterioration, in fact these amazing products do the lot, at a great price too!

In a world where everyone seems to rattle on about their “carbon footprint”, you can be sure that with an insulated wall coating, you can stop feeling guilty every time you switch the central heating on! 


Because the amount of heating needed after your home is fitted with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN external insulation wall coating, you will need to turn the thermostat down as the heat will not be escaping and soon you will be as warm as toast!

Having a special external wall coating fitted to your house really can save you money.

So how much can I save on having Exterior wall insulation fitted?

The government sponsored “Energy saving trust “say the following:

Insulating your solid walls you could cut your heating costs by up to 40%.

By using less energy, your household will produce less CO2. So, insulating your walls is a great way to help fight climate change.

Insulating wall coatings

Cavity walled properties can also benefit from the same kind of solid wall insulation, especially if the cavities are not suitable for filling “ always check the best option with your installer.

Typical savings achieved with solid wall insulation


Type of solid wall insulationSaving per yearTotal cost including installationCO2 saved per year
InternalAround £365£4,500 – £8,5001.8 tonnes
ExternalAround £385£8,500 – £14,5001.9 tonnes


*Estimated figures based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms. The figures given above are for the whole installation however if you are going to be renovating the individual walls of your home, you can make some big savings by insulating them at the same time.

What level of insulation do you require?

We have 4 main external insulation type wall coatings, listed here.

1. Spray applied flexible never-fade wall coatings. Available in a range of colours and textures and great value for money!

Manufactured by Andura. The coatings have a rudimentary level of insulation and as they cut wind chill and damp walls, the house will feel warmer and bring many benefits.

2. GRC Reinforced insulated coloured renders, manufactured by Cantillana of Belgium. Super tough and lowers heating bills too!

The reinforced and insulated render brings real savings and is suitable for both solid and cavity walls.

3. Waterproof Siloxane based Andura Clear coat wall coatings, suitable for unpainted stone or brick properties.

Low level of insulation but outweighed by other instant benefits including the halting of wall erosion and deterioration and the curing of penetration damp, meaning the house will not have musty smells and will feel warmer during the winter time.

4. Retro fitted external wall insulation. This is by far the best and most effective form of external insulation wall coatings and can bring massive benefits to a cold home with solid walls, bringing huge savings.

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