house-in-cornwall-after-painting Modern house Saltash Cornwall

The time we spray painted a house in Saltash, Cornwall

A spar dashed modern detached home in the town of Saltash, in Cornwall.

This modern house suffered from cracks and loose render.

In addition there was only a tiny space between our customers house and the neighbours, which meant the construction of a special scaffold for painting walls in tight spaces.

In only 4 days this house was been transformed with a spray applied exterior wall coating and does not now require any further exterior wall painting for the next 2o years!

A wall coating on house in Cornwall

This detached pebbledashed house from the 1980s is in Cornwall, had several problem areas of loose render, cracks, and loose pebbledash, and the appearance was dull and lifeless as you can see.

The owners called us in to quote them after they had already received quotes from other exterior wall coating companies, who bombarded them with false “show home” deals, and they despaired at not finding an ethical, honest, high quality company until we turned up!

The never paint again service

The survey, demonstration and price were done in less than one hour, and later, a written quote was sent to them for their consideration. (We don’t pressure our customers with silly sales talk).

They called a few days later and confirmed they wanted us to do the work which we were delighted to arrange for them.

Only a couple of weeks later, our skilled team leader (John), turned up with his team to start the work.

We cut out all the cracks and filled back to match the existing exterior wall surface, and then hacked off and replaced to match all unsound areas of render and pebbledash.

We also installed a drip bead over their conservatory roof, plus attended to other minor maintenance issues on the house.

We then applied a stabiliser coat, a coat of waterproof primer, and then spray applied the NPA exterior wall system onto the outside walls. As you can see, the results are quite dramatic, and the envy of the neighbourhood.

Why not contact us today and talk to us about a makeover and wall coating treatment for YOUR house?! Give us a call on 0800 970 4928

Why not contact us to see what we could do for your house? You may be surprised at how much money you could save. This project took a week and was completed in October 2006. This house will stay looking this good for up to 25 years!

NOTE: This job was done by the previous owners of this website and is published here for information only.

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