English mock tudor cottage

A mock tudor cottage with NPA wall coatings

Here we have a case study from the archives, an old looking country cottage in England with the exterior walls in a poor state of repair.

In just a few short days one Autumn, our team transformed this house into a smart cottage with the NPA smooth exterior wallcoating system which was applied to the white rendered panels……..

Mock tudor is a style that had a resurgnace back in the 1930’s, with many of the estates of pebbledashed semi’s being finished off with mock tudor, often around the gable end. It was all teh rage but now seems a bit twee.

Painting a mock tudor cottage

There are some older homes, like this country cottage, that really suit mock tudor beams, even though this property dates from porbably only around 200 years ago, and was located in Norfolk.

We also put into place brand new mock Tudor beams, which were treated with a special paint to preserve the wood and keep it looking this good for many years to come!

Apologies for the small size and quality of the images but this was added to our site way back in 2009

a mock tudor house after painting


Mock tudor beams on a house

English mock tudor cottage

Our exterior wall coating system is suitable for all types of property, no matter what exists currently on the walls of the house.

This property needed no repairs and had been kept in a good state of repair so all we had to do was to apply a primer coat, by hand, to the walls, after masking up the doors and windows.

We then sprayed a top coat of smooth NPA wall coatings and left it for a day to dry. We then carefully picked out the tudor beams in matt black, using marine paint for the longest lasting finish.

We can provide you with a custom exterior wall covering which will outlast paint for many years to come and it does NOT cost the earth either! We have painted loads of mock tudor houses over the years.

We take great care also, with repainting the black tudor beams on the house, as this is of course a main feature.

Sometimes we get modern ones to do too, however the more newer homes can look a bit tacky with mock tudor beams, but it depend son the style of the home, and of the surrounding buildings too.

This house is guaranteed for the next 20 years not to fade, go green, not to crack or peel, so if this system interests you why not contact us for a quote using the button below. Thanks


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