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Masonry paints or Masonary paints? Which is correct?

Masonry paints or masonary paints? Which is the correct Spelling?

It’s a common misconception really and one that many paint retailers at least, do know of its use and use it in web advertising because its quite often the world people type in, however, it’s wrong!

Masonary, or indeed Masonry is not to be confused with the ancient art of Freemasonry, which is…..er.. not what we are taking about today. (I did try and find a stock photo of a Freemason, doing some painting, but unfortunately could not find one!)

Masonry or masonary paint? Which is it?

If a Worshipful Freemason could supply one, we would be eternally grateful!

Masonry in normal terms refers to the building of structures or buildings using bricks or blocks and often complemented with an exterior wall covering.

This wall covering is sometimes cement render, lime render, coloured render or a spray applied coating, such as what is on offer at Never Paint Again which is about as “on the level” as it gets.

Masonry paints can be seen in most DIY or paint stores and come in a variety of different grades, textures and paint finishes.

Some masonry paints are especially designed for specific uses, such as anti damp paint, anti mould paint, paint for wet areas such as bathrooms, and exterior masonry paint.

The problem with most masonry paints is the fact that they are designed to only last a certain time, so the following year when your house needs painting again, you have to go out and buy more paint!

The large multinational paint companies know this and therefore the technology is there I would think, to create paint that lasts a lifetime, and I do mean a life time, FOR EVER (!) however they would not make as much money so perhaps watch this space?

So if paint has only a limited Lifespan, what’s the answer?

Paint brings many benefits to a house, but only decorative and only short term.

Your house is your biggest investment, so why pay a few quid for what is really coloured water, but the multi national paint cartels don’t tell people this fact!

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water

Resin based paints and wall coatings are far more durable and provide both decoration AND protection, meaning that you would not have to have your home exterior painted every year, but once in 20 years only!

Quite apart from the financial benefits of that, it also means your house will feel warmer during winter, you wont get any cracks, the paint coating wont fade, and it is applied by expert teams, with after sales service, so total peace of mind!

Why bother having masonry paint on your house each year?

If you consider the Never Paint Again exterior wall coating system, you will never have to paint again. Guaranteed!

Rear of house in Hertfordshire with a brand new exterior wall coating

If your home needs a new coat of paint…..

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oh and one more thing……………

So which is it then?

Masonary or Masonry?

Sorry, but its “MASONRY!”

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