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2 more homes with our textured masonry coatings

We always like to show off our handiwork and these 2 completed house painting jobs are no exception.

We often create posts to show off each project in our Case studies category, and sometimes on our featured homes page too, but with not wanting to run the risk of repeating myself, I thought I would make it short and sweet and combine the two jobs we finished last week for you to look at.

We have just included the before and after photos rather than as normal whereby we post all the images of the decorating, rendering and crack repairs we do, and the general preparation that we go to town on, for each and every house painting job.

We paint and wall coat houses up and down the country via a network of approved, insured and vetted contractors, ensuring you get a LOCAL service each time, but with the back-up of an established, national house painting and rendering organisation who have been around since 1986.

Not only that ALL wall covering jobs are protected by a 3rd party warranty, with extra insurance on that too, meaning you get a written guarantee of up to 25 years lifespan of the paint we put on your house.

If you don’t believe us, read what other customers have said about the work we did on their homes. You can get a quote to have your house painted simply by calling us 0800 970 4928 and we offer a FREE survey, AND a beat-a-quote promise, so we guarantee you will be quids in!

We visit Bridlington & Warrington with our coating spray machine!

The first house I want you to look at it is a lovely nice detached home in a very swish area of Bridlington, which for southerners (!) is in the east riding of Yorkshire, so it’s “oop north” which isn’t unusual for us as we have a depot in Yorkshire!

Here is the 1st house, in Bridlington, before we started

bridlington house before wall coatings
A pebbledashed house in Bridlington needing a facelift!

The property was very spacious and was easy for us to work on as there was plenty of room around the property, although a chimney stack had to have scaffolding in order for us to reach it safely.

There were a few minor cracks but all in all the property had been looked after, the only problem was, the owners told us, it just looked so dull, however repairing cracks in external rendered walls is an essential part of the process.

We did our full 5 stage exterior textured wall coating treatment on the house and as you can see below, after a spray-applied wall covering was fitted, it’s made quite a difference!

bridlington house after wall coatings
The same house in Bridlington (Honestly!) after we spray applied a textured exterior wall coating

This house, just like all the other jobs we do, now benefits from complete weather protection and damp proofing too, and no need to paint for up to 25 years, and in these austere times, it is NOT as expensive as you may think!

After we said goodbye to the customers, we moved over to the west coast and found ourselves at our next job, located in Warrington, Cheshire.

Repairing and painting a house in Warrington.

No two jobs are the same for our teams and we like it that way as it certainly makes for an interesting working week.  The next house we had to do, the rear and side only, was a greatly extended end of terrace house that was around 100 years old and the owners knew that this year was time to get more done than just a paint job.

This is what the house in Warrington looked like once we had started

A home in Cheshire with cracked walls
As you can see various patches of blown and hollow render needed to be fixed before we could continue with painting.

We had a fair bit of flaking paint removal to do, and also some repairing of cracks and some attention to the render too, which had various patches of unsound and hollow render, where the rendered covering had come away from the bricks.

Once this was done, we masked up the windows and laid down some dust sheets, and then painted a weatherproof “Andura” primer on the wall and allowed to dry overnight.

The next day we then dragged the team away from their hotel fried breakfast (!) in order to get the spraying of the wall coatings material done before rain set in.

This is one way that our coatings beat decorating wit normal paint because once it is on the wall, it starts to cure and any light rain shower will not affect it at all as it simply runs off like a non stick frying pan.

OK, without further ado, this is what the house looked like after we had finished applying the masonry coating to it.

A house in warrington Cheshire with an exterior wall coating
Smooth render repaired and painted with a weatherproof wall coating with a 25 year lifespan

So there we are, this is what we have been up to for the last 2 weeks of April!

Remember to check out our gallery pages, the link is right at the top of this page, and if you would like a price to have this system on your home, then simply call us or click the banner below to send the team a private email.

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