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If you are a landlord, you really need this on your property, you’ll save hassle and money too!

It’s hard enough managing a property portfolio without having to pay for repairs, maintenance and repainting each year.

This is especially true for the small time investor, but what if there was a way to drastically reduce repairs and repainting on your properties?

What if, instead of having to find a good decorating team and then cross your fingers and hope they do a good job, you could get a professional team in to take care of one or all of your houses for a one-off cost?

In these times it pays to work smart and to manage your investments in a cost-efficient way.

What if we said to you that instead of finding tradesmen each year (or every other year), made even more costly and difficult across multiple houses, we could give you a one-stop, one-off exterior maintenance and paint system that is guaranteed to reduce costs and does not need repainting for 20 years?

Does that sound good to you?

Here is how save time, money and hassle with ongoing property maintenance.

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All landlords have a legal duty to keep their houses safe for tenants, free of damp and mould, and the better ones realise that having the house in good order and looking good, means the property will be much easier to let, and will have happy tenants.

It doesn’t seem like a tall order does it?

The benefits of having us repair, repaint and maintain your properties.

There are countless benefits to choosing the original NEVER PAINT AGAIN to refurbish your properties, but for reasons of brevity, here are the main points to consider.

  • Our wall coating system not only makes the house look nice, we guarantee that for 20 years, it will not need to be repainted and will carry on looking good as new for the whole time.
  • Our system is guaranteed to cure damp, mould, condensation and mildew, meaning less interior decorating is needed over time and the prospect of deterioration or costly damage internally is greatly reduced.
  • In fact we offer an insurance backed written guarantee for 20 years, which can be transferred to any future owner and becomes a good selling point when you choose to dispose of the property.
  • Our service is NOT like painting and decorating, and therefore is a tax deductible expense under the allowable expense of “maintenance and repairs”.
  • Our service includes a full repair programme and rendering if needed, meaning that not only will you not have to repaint for 20 years, no exterior repairs will needed either.
  • A tidy, good looking and damp free home is easier to let and easier to retain good tenants.
  • Having your house free of damp and defects mean that is complies with local and national law and regulations, meaning the council will never be on your back.
  • We offer substantial discounts for larger houses and multiple properties, saving you even more time and money.
  • Full project management with each job, you will never have to worry again
  • Extensive references available upon request
  • UK national dealership network means we are never far from you. (England, Wales and Scotland)

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Having a genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating applied to your home means that for the next 20 years, the property will not need any further repair, external maintenance or repainting, guaranteed!

Having our friendly and competent teams work on your properties means that not only does all costly repainting and maintenance costs CEASE for a period of 20 years, it also means that you have more time to get on with other more important things!

Our wall coatings are guaranteed for 20 years NOT to crack, fade, chip, flake or peel.

Why not contact us and find out more?

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