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How to save money on your home heating bills

I don’t want to depress you but…… The cost of heating your home keeps going up each year, as does the cost of yearly painting, rendering and general home upkeep. How can this money losing streak be stopped?

Everyone knows what insulation is, and what it does, but a surprising amount of people don’t actually put it into action and GET insulation!

Most of the heat generated in an uninsulated home, from the fire, the radiators, even our own body heat, escapes through either the roof, the windows or the walls, all of which are quite easy in theory, to remedy.

We are going to look briefly at each form of heat loss and what can be done to solve the problem.

Money spent on insulation, quickly gets returned!

Yes, it’s the recession (still!) and we are all strapped for cash in some way, but many people stop thinking about having insulation fitted in their house because of the cost involved in the initial purchase.

It goes without saying that yes some peoples household budget is so tight that it is hard to think about the next week, let alone the year ahead, but with careful planning and a little foresight, the average person can see that spending a little now, will reap rewards in the future. Delayed gratification, if you will!

Save on Heating bills

For those among us on a low income, your first stop should be either your local council, or the governments new Green deal initiative which sees the availability of several grants and loans to aid people on low incomes get insulation in the house.

It’s not just about budget.

take care of the planet

Moving aside personal incomes etc, we need to insulate our homes for the environment too, to reduce our reliance on carbon and fossil fuels, and to preserve the earth’s dwindling supplies of coal, oil and gas, the things used to make electric in the first place.

So spending some money on insulation for the house brings benefits to the wider planet, & your community, not just to your family.

What types of insulation are there?

As we said above, there are various aspects of insulation that can be added to your house, some by you, some by tradesmen, which will help you keep warmer, plus will save you money in lower heating bills.

Heat loss through the roof.

The fact that heat rises, means it is pretty much a “no brainer” as our American friends would say, to presume that when heat rises, if there is a way for it to carry on rising in and out of the house, it will.

It has been common practice for many years now, that insulating your loft will cut heat loss and save on gas bills.


It depends on the type of roof you have, but often this is something that the moderately experienced DIY person can achieve quite easily. Rolls of insulation, often referred to by the brand name “Rockwool” can be bought in many DIY shops, taken home, and fitted in a few hours.

If this is something that you plan on doing yourself, take care when in the roof, wear gloves and a face mask, and only tread on the ceiling joists beneath you, or better still take a board to stand on because it is no point in wanting to save on heating bills if you injure yourself whilst fitting insulation!

If this is too much for you, there are many schemes to help people insulate their loft and the benefits come pretty quickly.

When snow falls, take a walk down any street and look up the roofs. If snow settles on most of them, but one seems snow free, it is the one that is not insulated!

Double glazing cuts heat loss.

If you do not have double glazed windows then now is the time to get some!

It has been known for decades that having 2 planes of glass, in a sealed unit keeps the interior ambient temperature, from mixing with the external temperature, and if fitted and maintained well, they reduce condensation and damp.

Not only that, the greatly reduce noise coming from the outside too, which is good if you live on a main road. Another benefit with the normal everyday double glazed window is the fact they dont rot and they do not need to be painted.

Nowadays there are far more choices with window colours and you dont have to have white because there are many other versions available, and also hardwood double glazed units also exist, so speak to your local window company about this.

There are other simple ways that you can warm your home up this winter such as fitting draught proofing around doors and windows, covering bare floors with rugs and of course, wearing warmer clothes indoors!

Thermal coatings and exterior wall insulation.

A major part of your house, and a contributor to heat loss, are the walls of your property.

Slapping a coat of paint, or having pebbledash on the walls will make no difference at all to the amount of heat that goes out through the walls of your house!

Never Paint Again have been investing in insulation products and services for the past few years as we know all too well the cost of heating, and the amount that we can save people.

In fact the savings start to come in thick and fast as soon as the job is done, saving you in some cases a whopping 50% off your heating costs!

never paint again saved me money!

The 2 main heat saving systems we have are thermal render and external insulation for solid walls, both of which have pages that can be seen by clicking the links above.

These exterior wall coatings are applied by skilled and trained fitters and come with a 15 year warranty which can be transferred to any subsequent owners if you sell your home.

As part of the energy efficiency drive by the government, it is also an important document for you to include in the deeds of title when you sell as it shows the new owner your commitment to the upkeep and modernisation of the building.

Solid wall insulation?

The SOLID WALL INSULATION consist of fitting insulated boards to the exterior of a house that does not have a cavity wall.

It is then covered with either brick slips, coloured render, or flexible render with a spray applied wall coating. Your NPA agent can talk through the various options you have, plus its guaranteed for 20 years too!

Insulated rendering

THERMALLY INSULATED RENDER is a 2 or 3 part render coating, hand applied by our own teams, and is coloured too so it does need to be painted.

This drastically reduces heat loss, and does not require any maintenance, so big savings all round.

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