Freezing cold!

Insulated energy saving wallpaper can save you money!

If you are sat reading this wrapped up and still feeling cold in your house you could be suffering from “Cold wall syndrome”.

Your house, not you of course!

Do you fancy learning about something that will help cure it, and bring heat to your home?

Living in Great Britain, it’s hard to keep the house warm at the best of times, especially with the cost of actually heating the place, rising by ridiculous amounts every year.

There are many way to retain the heat in your home such as draught proofing, having exterior wall insulation, or buying double glazing, but one sure fire way to bring some much needed warmth into a particularly cold part of your house is to fit insulated wallpaper.

Please note WE DO NOT SELL THIS PRODUCT, this is an item review blog post. Thank you.

Energy saving wallpaper

It is a fairly new product and comes in rolls, just like normal paper, but this is not just any old paper, it’s specially made with added insulation and can be fitted to the walls with very little skill or prior knowledge, hung just like ordinary wall paper.

energy-saving-solid-wall-insulation-recommendedThis amazing product is also recommended by the energy saving trust as a good way to retain heat in a  room, especially for older houses with no cavity walls.

The product is around 1cm thick and has been used quite successfully by many local councils, landlords and private home-owners and it seems to work!

It is known by several brand names, plus also the terms “magic wallpaper”, “insulated wallpaper” or ‘flexible insulating lining’.

One of the great things about energy saving wallpaper is, although it’s actually known as wallpaper, it is more a lining paper, so once it is on the wall, the decorator can then either paint it, or hang normal paper up, or in some cases, even tile it!

Thermal wallpaper

Unlike having rendering or a wall coating to the outside to protect against heat loss, this internal energy saving wall-paper system is virtually mess-free and therefore fitting it brings very little disruption above and beyond any normal decorating job.

Does it do what it’s supposed to do?

Well, the Building Research Establishment in the UK seem to think so and their tests suggest that show considerable carbon saving.

They noted that this wallpaper can reduce the ‘u’ value (heat loss through the walls) by nearly 30%.

They also state that In fact on a normal everyday house, the all important “carbon saving” is around 798kg, which is amazingly 119kg higher than having cavity wall insulation!

It retains heat in the room, and can also be incorporated into a wider programme of insulating your home, such as having roof insulation, and thermal exterior render.

The benefits of internal wall insulation

Any savings on heat loss, and of course the subsequent savings on your heating bills, can only be a good thing. Having a cold room, or even an entire cold house, fitted with this interior lining paper can transform the lives of the occupants of the property quite quickly.

 It is suitable for application on all types of interior walls and for all types of homes.

The thermal paper is only 1 cm thick so it does not alter the appearance of the room, nor cause obstruction when fitted and as it is fully flexible, it can be properly applied to all shapes and contours of wall, so in theory it is suitable for more or less anything.

Insulating wallpaper

As it is so thick, one unexpected benefit of insulating wall-paper is that of soundproofing and if you have a noisy neighbour, this could be just what you are looking for!

Do your bit for climate change!

OK, applying thermally insulated wall paper to one house is not going to save the planet, but having this system in your home will reduce your heating bills, and save you money.

The only drawback, for us anyway, is that we dont sell it! Sorry!

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