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Imagine a world without paint…

Paint is all around us.

On buildings, fences, gates, doors, floors, cars, in fact most things need to be painted, or coated, with colour, to give a pleasing and decorative appearance, but what if paint didn’t exist?

What would happen? What would our world be like?

Pretty dull I should imagine.

Paint is of course not just for decoration, although that is probably it’s main defining feature and it’s not a new concept either.

What would a world without paint look like?

Paints have been used not only through the centuries, but early man also used pigments and dies, creating the first types of a rudimentary paint colouring system, by combining what was found in nature.

Dyes and pigments were sourced from plants, animals, insects, and were probably inspired by nature; what they saw around them was what they wanted to replicate.

The colour wheel.

paint colour wheel

Modern day paint companies now have advanced technology to create paints of every conceivable colour, hue and shade, although despite many of the world’s population wanting to be different or unique in some way, out of the millions of variations of shades of paint, only a few hundred are really ever used by people.

Without paint……our cars would look dull and lifeless and would simply rust and fall away

 Nothing would be protecting the metal body from salt corrosion, dampness and the weather, so our scrapyards would be full of cars only about one year old, and would be a very wasteful use of resources and money.

rusting cars in a field

There would be no red telephone boxes, or post boxes, in fact there would be widespread confusion if paint did not exist.

Why? Because paint is not just something we add colour too, but the colours themselves represent different things in life and our surroundings and they hold a specific meaning.

What else would be different if paint did not exist?

Quite apart from cars example, and of course what we saw in the street each day, the only colours we would see are ones that occurred in nature, just like ancient man found out.

The seas, trees and vegetation, grass, the sky, the sun, the moon, all of these colours would have an effect on us and probably just like ancient man, we would try and recreate them in some way.

Indeed, it could be argued that the typical colors of paints we see each day are actually inspired BY the natural world. Blues from the sea and the sky, black from the night (or coal!), red from autumn leaves, beige from sand on a beach, greens from plants and trees, and so on.

Houses without paint.

Many houses actually need paint, often to make them look nicer. Paints don’t really give a house much protection from the elements but in most cases, your wall is better off painted than not.

The main issue with paint is it’s relatively short lifespan, usually only lasting for one to two years at most. If your home has no paint on the exterior, what offers the wall protection from the weather?

Long life paints.

There are now long life paints that have been specially designed to outlast normal paint but often they need to be applied by wall coating specialists and as such, the home owner is best off contacting someone such as never paint again UK.

They offer a long life wall painting system, applied by their authorised teams, and which last upwards of 20 years.

The same view now finished with an exterior wall coating.
The same view now finished with an exterior wall coating.

These special paints are suitable for both old and new buildings and can drastically cut costs in not having to repainting the walls for some considerable time.

They come in a variety of colours, and never fade!

You donit have to imagine a world with no paint, we’ve got paint, and we can’t wait to put it on the walls of your house!

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