10 good reasons to choose us to paint your house

Having the house painted this year?

Have you thought about the colour yet or maybe the texture? Hang on, you only had it done last year!

I will do you a favour and tell you ten reasons why a wall coating will be far better than yet another paint job.

It’s not often that someone “in the know” gives free advice, but saying that, that is exactly what NEVER PAINT AGAIN has been doing since 2002!

Giving good, free advice!

OK, let’s be up-front, of course we are not 100% impartial, we are a business after all and not a free DIY helpline, but unlike some of our competitors, we don’t force you to buy our services, nor do we bombard you with a heavy handed sales pitch to beat you into submission!

The best house painting advice is not always taken.

In our line of work, we get invited to peoples homes, to have a chat with them and to take a look at their house, in order to price the work for an exterior wall coating on the house.

About 50% of people we see, and this is me being honest, say no thank you, and of course the other half say yes!

When someone says no, we don’t take it personally by the way (LOL), and often people, after getting quotes from others, do come back to us, especially as we don’t put any pressure on our customers.

free quote for wall coatingIt’s important to feel relaxed with anyone from a home improvement company that you invite into your home, your own personal space, & to not feel rushed or pressured, so avoid people like him above!

Quotes and estimates for wall coatings

When people learn that our exterior wall painting service is not 50 quid (!), but a full, high quality external wall refurbishment, they sometimes give in to the local decorator and have the house painted for 800 quid.

They usually have to call the decorator back the year after to do it again, and remember, he will only paint, he wont do repairs!

Here are 10 reasons why choosing our External wall coating service will benefit you.

  1. You only need the house painted ONCE in 20 years. This doesn’t need too much explaining that only paying once, and only having a decorating team there one time in 20 years will save time, money and hassle.
  2. Your exterior walls will be protected, not only from the weather, but also from us disappearing into the sunset with your money, as all funds paid to us are bonded and covered under a 3rd party warranty insurance. This includes the deposit if applicable.
  3. Your walls will have a full repair, if needed, including damp proofing, crack repairs, alterations, rendering, pebbledash problems and other other issues, meaning that not only will you not have any bills for house painting for the next 20 years, you wont have any bills for repairs or damp proofing either!
  4. Your house will look fabulous and stay looking like that for 20 years!
  5. Your home may actually increase in value, and in kerb appeal, after having us work on your home. This can be good if you are wanting to put your house on the market.
  6. Along the same theme, your warranty is transferable with the house, so it can be a good selling point if you do plan to move in the near future, as the new owner will have reassurance that the house is in good condition and he or she will not have to pay out for repairs and restoration after they buy.
  7. We have a range of exterior wall coating and rendering products and we are so confident that we can find the right one for you, your budget and your home, we will give you the BEST price possible.
  8. The exterior walls of your house will NOT crack, fade, split, flake, chip or fall off, and that is good for at LEAST 20 years, often longer.
  9. All of our products cure damp, and green mould, even if your home is in a shaded location, so we guarantee that for the next 20 years, your home will NOT suffer from damp! If at any time it does reappear, very unlikely, under the warranty we will return to the house and fix the damp, at our own cost, guaranteed.
  10. Choosing our professional exterior wall covering and painting service means that you will NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

Speak to us today and we’ll give you even MORE reasons to choose NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

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