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How your house can get the X-Factor

When some starry eyed hopeful goes on the X factor, the judges are looking for that something special; the thing that makes them stand out from the crowd.

It’s the same for houses. If your house looks the same as the rest of the street, how can you give it that X factor, the thing that makes your home more special than everyone else?!

There are lots of things that you can do to make your home stand out from the crowd with star quality, but where do you start?

Internal home improvements.

Starting with the inside of the house, you need to concentrate on the ENTRANCE first, as first impressions always count, so if your hallway or porch is shabby, no matter what the rest of the house is like, the bad first impression has been made.

This is especially relevant if you are looking to SELL your home. Always make sure your front door is clean if UPVC, or painted or varnished freshly if its a wooden front door.

Having the cats litter tray by the front door may not be such a good idea, nor will the tatty woodchip wallpaper with several coats of 1980’s Magnolia emulsion you found at the back of grand-dads shed!

So try sprucing up the hallways and entrance areas first: Lay new carpet or wooden flooring, remove textured wall paper, get the walls nice and smooth and choose a good quality paint in a  neutral colour. Paint the ceilings with white emulsion, especially if you have a smoker in the house, however stained ceilings can also happen in the kitchen so check that out too.

In fact if money is no option, why not splash out on a new kitchen with all the latest gadgets, or a luxury bathroom with a sumptuous and large jacuzzi bath?

Again, if you are selling, don’t let potential buyers knock the price down as something needs doing to the house before they could live in it. It is best to realise  NOW  is a good time to fix any problems inside, such as cracks in the walls, damp patches, broken fittings and so on.

Now the inside is sorted, but the house still doesn’t have the X factor, (unless you invite someone in to take a look at your handiwork), so that limits your “audience” to family and friends, what else can you do to make your home stand out from the crowd?

The X-Factor

The likelihood of Danni Minogue or Tulisa popping around for a quick cuppa seems remote, so we must do MORE to make the house really stand out, but not make it look daft at the same time.

For the house to have the X factor, your “audience” needs to be wider and that is where we come to the outside, the external appearance of the house and the true first impression….

a house with the x factor wall coatingExterior Home Improvements.

Improvement to the outside are a totally different “ball game” to the interior and often any improvement to the outside, are usually far more than simply being decorative or purely cosmetic.

Once you start doing things to the exterior, you now have the weather to content with, so anything put on the exterior must be durable and long life or you end up doing it every year, over and over again which can really put the costs up, and the time spent in repainting yearly.

So what can be done to the exterior?

Firstly, all repairs need to be done, if applicable, as to have the X-factor, your home must be free of any defects, in addition to standing out from the crowd and looking good, as any estate agent will tell you.

Secondly, the need must be balanced as to looks, and practicality; your home would certainly stand out from the crowd if you stuck a 20 foot high model of a fish on the roof, but in the real world, you need it to look good, but be practical and within budget.

Many houses with a traditional exterior wall finish such as render, bricks or pebbledash, have ongoing maintenance costs, so what can be done to make it look fabulous, within your budget, and long lasting?

The answer is an Exterior Wall Coating paint system from NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

The team at NPA can transform the exterior of any house in any condition, into a house that really has the X factor!

Not only will your home be the envy of your neighbours, it wont need redoing at all for at least 15 years and comes with a guarantee!

Instead of a quick paint job, our in-depth external wall refurbishment means that the coloured paint finish outside will not fade, chip, crack, peel or attract green algae, even in shaded or tree lined areas and will also repel damp!

It’s available in a variety of shades, colours and textures. We can also make a house with textured walls (e.g, pebbledash) into a house with smooth walls, and vice-versa.

Why not give one of our friendly surveyors an “Audition” at your house to see if a top quality weatherproof exterior wall coating will give your home the X factor?

…and we promise not to sing anything…………..

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