Time to paint the house yet again

How we paint houses, explained in under a minute

You know, sometimes, over the past 10 years, I have wondered if we had made this website too big! With the Google updates going on all the time, and terrible home made websites ranking number one, I do sometimes think, was it all worth it?

Well, today, we have this video, which explains exactly the sort of house painting that we do, but explained in 55 seconds.

Cut to the chase

Basically you should be on our website if you need work doing on your house.

We offer top quality house painting services at very affordable prices, all with a 20 year guarantee. We also offer damp proofing and exterior insulation, and the service is offered across England and Wales.

We have been doing the same thing, across the UK, and occasionally abroad, since 1986, and your home is in very good hands if you choose us to carry out your exterior decorating work this year.

Our wall coating service is not as expensive as you may think, it is available all year round (even in winter) and we now offer a 20 year guarantee, which is further backed by warranty insurance cover for your complete peace of mind.

before and after photo of house painting

But don’t let me tell you that, watch the video and find out for yourself.

Once you are done, if you would like a quote to have your house painted, call us, or use the form to the right of the screen.

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

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