stupid people let their house go to ruin

How to waste money. Paint your house every year!

Never paint again explains why decorating your home each year is a false economy.

Exterior decorating year after year can become a tedious, thankless, and frankly pointless task and the a lot of people who have their house painted every year and simply wasting money! 

Uh-oh, they are going to have to have it done again next year! DOH!

The cost of painting the outside of your house goes up each year so what way can savings be made on having the house rendered and or painted?

How to save money on decorating the house

OK, the easiest way to save money is to NOT paint the house at all (!) however most houses need some form of paint, even if only to make the property look nice, after all, who wants to be known as the “people from the scruffy house at number 12”?

front of Brighton house before painting

Whatever type or size of house, the exterior walls need weather protection as well as looking good.

This house above, a previous job of ours in Brighton, was originally covered in pebbledash as you can see from the image, however you can also see the cracks in the walls, the bald areas where stones have fallen off, and also the repairs that were done when new windows were fitted.

Looks awful doesn’t it?

Time after time, the surveyors at NEVER PAINT AGAIN see properties such as this, and it is of course why people call us: to have their house repaired and painted.

The problem with getting a normal decorator in is that they generally do not carry out essential repairs, an example would be rendering a wall, and simply paint over the top of any problems.

The decorator is not wholly to blame as they are only employed to apply paints, however there are companies, such as ourselves, who do both the repairs and the decorating.

This saves the home owner some considerable money.

The types of exterior repairs needed for houses.

Never paint again gets to see all manner of different houses, all of which are in various states of decay such as the one above, but more about that house later.

The typical house we get asked to quote for often is in need of repair.

This is often due to poor care of the property and minimal maintenance.

It seems ridiculous that some people spend a small fortune on a building but then show a total lack of respect and care for the house.

Going back to the building above, once the pebbledash was tested, several very bad areas were found and had to be removed. This is what we ended up with once we knew how bad a state the walls were in…

extensive repairing of render and pebbledash
Cracked pebbledash and the new extension

Replacement of bad render

The pebbledash was falling off in CHUNKS (see above) and as you can from the bad state of the eroded bricks, the damp had got in behind the render and frost has damaged the bricks.

We did a full wall repair to the house which consisted of fixing the poor brickwork, and then rendering the wall back to a good surface.

As the house was pebbledashed, and because we were going to apply a special white wall coating on to the house, we needed to make the walls heavily textured again.

This was done with a tyrolean gun, which is a hand-held machine that “spits” small lumps of mortar onto the pebbledashed walls. This, once dry, gives a heavy textured affectd but is cement colour.

Then the house was masked up and protected, treated with a mortar wash, then a primer added.

The top coat of NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating was sprayed on and then we took the masking paper down and this is what the customer ended up with!

front of brighton house completed

Scroll back up to the photo of how the house used to look and you can see why the client was overjoyed with his repaired and wallcoated home.

This will not need painting for up to 20 years and will save the client a lot of time, money and hassle in future yearly decorating.

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