How to save money when buying a house in Spain

Sealing the deal and buying a wall coating

If you are sick of the British weather, high prices and unhappy people, then why not consider a move to sunny Spain?

The recession has uncovered some unbelievable bargain properties across the country so we are going to show you how to bag a bargain, and where to find these elusive properties.

We will look at country homes with land for under a hundred grand, and apartments in one of the most exciting and up and coming cities in Spain, Valencia!

Town houses are also a great buy too, plus there are loads of other great value properties to choose from at prices that will astound you!

For those of you who have followed us for the past 10 years we have been online, you may know that not only do we operate in Spain as well as the UK and Ireland, but the owner of this company also has a house out there!

A surefire way of saving money when buying a house in Spain is to network with people, speak to as many agents as possible and drive a hard bargain! When looking for a good estate agent in Spain, make sure you speak to their previous clients who should be only too happy to recommend them.

And just like in the UK, as part of our daily work, we often come into contact with other property professionals such as estate agents, architects and surveyors, so over a cool beer and a tasty tapas (at a cost of only 2 pounds each, by the way!) we decided to team up and offer you, the reader, a chance to learn about some bargain Spanish homes that you simply must come over and see!

Living here is cheap too. A beer will set you back a pound, as will a good quality coffee. A pack of cigs is around 3 quid, petrol is around 2/3 of the UK pump price, a bottle of GOOD wine is around a pound, and your council tax will be perhaps around £200 A YEAR!

Buying a home in Spain

The UK media has, over the past couple of years, painted a very negative image of Spain, but until you are actually here to see for yourself, you soon learn is it is nowhere as bad as it is made out, far from it in fact. It’s a GREAT place to live, or for extended holidays, there is so much to see and do.

There are LOADS of absolute steals here to be had and if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, than grabbing a bargain property in Spain could be the wisest investment you have ever made!

Buy a cheap country house in Spain

Buy a country home in spain
Buy a country home in Spain like this 3 bed with land for only 58,000 euros!

There are some amazing bargains to be had such as this country house (above) in the town of Lliria, a lovely little place, steeped in history and only 15 miles from the nearest airport, yours for a steal at only 58,000 Euros!

Yes, that is NOT a mis-print! For a shade under 49,000 pounds (plus local taxes), you get a 3 bed country house, with nearly FOUR ACRES OF LAND.  Just imagine the potential!

You could keep animals, run camping holidays, build a pool or separate holiday chalets such as log cabins etc. What an opportunity!

Bargain house for sale in Spain

Now you have picked yourself up from the floor, here is another reason to visit Valencia and pick up an absolute bargain house for sale, such as this lovely FIVE bedroom house in a quiet but not remote village only 25 mins from the airport and with amazing views.

Cheap house for sale Spain
A Cheap house for sale in Spain. 5 bed for only 59,000 pounds!

Located in a village called “Bodegas”, referring to the wine production in the area, and where you can get a decent bottle of wine for less than a quid, and virtually the same wine as you pay 6 or 7 pounds for in the UK!

Life here is much cheaper than back in the UK and you really CAN live the dream, for very little money! This house is but one example of how cheap you can live here or buy a holiday home in Spain, and enquiring through us, gets you into an INNER CIRCLE of people “in the know.”

These people can can guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, including meeting you from the airport, giving you a tour of the area, for free, and introducing you to fellow expats who you can ask any questions you may have.

Our property team can also put you in contact with English speaking tradespeople for any renovations or improvements you wish to make to the house or apartment once you buy it.

Other bargain homes for sale in Spain.

If your budget to purchase a dwelling in Spain stretches a bit further then how about some of these utter give-away properties for your Place in the Sun?

a house with a pool in valencia spain
a house with a pool in valencia Spain for only £125,000 !

This lovely house with a pool, in the village of Godelleta, just outside the city and located in what can only be described as stunning scenery, and only 5 mins to the nearest golf course.

This house can be yours for only around £125,000!

More homes for sale in Spain.

If you have a healthy budget to invest in buying somewhere abroad, then our team has quite a few different places on the books, ranging from as little as £30,000, up to multi million pound homes.

large house for sale valencia
A large house for sale valencia and 10 mins to the beach!

This amazing and huge house is located 10 mins from the beach at Sagunto, just north of Valencia, and again, a short drive to the airport.

It has an internal area of 975m2, and boasts 5 large bedrooms some of which are en-suite, several lounges, a conference room, games room, picnic area, a tennis court, a pool, an orchard, extensive gardens and much more.

This would also be an ideal property to easily convert into a small hotel or guest house. And of course, how much is it?

Well, the valuation on this house was 783000 Euros in 2004/5, but it is now on the market for only 450,000 euros, working out at around £380,000 !!!

This place is like something out of a movie and this is but one example of the crazy LOW prices that YOU can bag a super bargain here in Spain, so what are you waiting for?


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