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How to improve the look of your home and get those DIY jobs done

The start of each new year brings resolutions and personal goals, things that we want to achieve in the forthcoming year, but what about the house?

Surely your home should also have a list of things to get done this year and if it hasn’t, we’ll help you compile one and make the task to improve the look of your home, that much easier!

It is important when planning change for good, whether personal or otherwise, to stick to what you plan on doing, so it’s important to be realistic when planning any improvements to your house for the new year.

Anything you want to do should be mapped out, even just writing a list on a piece of paper as to what you want to do to the house this year and pin it up on the fridge or something so you don’t forget.

It’s good to work out a budget, or at least a rough guess, as to how much any work will cost you, and remember to budget for VAT, labour costs and add a bit more “Just in case”.

How to make a list of things to get done around your house.

list of things to do
A list makes things much clearer

Your list does not have to be an essay, a book, or a work of great literature, just bullet points marking out the things that you would like to get done.

You could even add a time-scale to the various points, for example, paint the front door (January), tidy the Garden (February) and so on.

If there are jobs on the list that you won’t be doing yourself, for example, getting the house walls rendered (by March) then you need to get quotes or estimates from suitable tradespeople, add the rough cost to the list, and then you know how much to budget for and when that expense will arrive.

Make sure when phoning or emailing tradespeople, that they are professional, available and can provide references. Failure to do this could see you throwing your money away.

A typical “to do” list could like like this.

Short term goals. (now to April)

Mid term goals (May to September)

  • Clear the rubbish out of the garage.
  • Paint the hallway and stairs.
  • Get the spare room ready for the in-laws.
  • Re-carpet the front room.
  • Get the chimney swept and cleaned up.
  • New microwave and other kitchen bits.

Long term goals (October to end of December)

  • Tackle the “Jungle” garden at side of house!
  • Wallpaper the kids bedrooms.
  • Put some soundproofing between ours and next doors house!
  • Finally get the damp proofing done on the extension
  • Have the loft re-insulated before winter.

…and so on!

You see, it doesn’t have to be a massive list, and of course you can add do it when you think of some more things to get done.

The same attention to detail with prices can save you money too.

For example, the list above mentions painting the front door, well, why not do your research well and add points next to it like …”Gloss Paint, (B and Q), £15; sandpaper, £3, Patio cleaner (local hardware shop) £4. etc”

Stick to your goals!

Gymnasiums experience a huge surge in memberships in January as people resolve to get fit and lose the seasonal excess pounds (etc), but by March they are all empty again and the pasty shop has a queue out of the door.

Consult your list and make a big point of ticking off any task that you have accomplished!

Maybe even reward yourself with a trip to the pub or something,  just to reinforce that sticking to your goals is what you need to do!

The reason that you are doing this is not just self improvement, but it is HOME IMPROVEMENT too, and it can put money in your wallet if you pay attention, be disciplined, and do it right!

If you don’t make a plan then you should plan to lose money.

Improve the look of your home

Planning to improve the look of your home can be something as simple as planting some flowers on the front garden, having a general tidy up after the winter, and painting the front door.

Little things like this can make the world of difference for either not much money, or for free.

More major jobs such as damp proofing or rendering come with a cost, so plan carefully and make sure you get at least 3 quotes to compare.

Make use of any special offers too.

It’s the recession and home improvement companies want your business, and yes that applies to us too!

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Don’t be pressured into making a decision until you have all the facts and you know that you can afford to have any major Home Improvement work done.

Having the exterior painted is proven to add value to a home, but only if it is done right.

Any repairs such as cracks or hollow pebbledash should be attended to by an expert, someone who knows what they are doing.

If you are planning to sell your home this year, then having the exterior looking spick and span will pay dividends on the long run and will add value to the final sale price of the property, so don’t choose the cheapest quote as you will probably regret it.

There are many ways that you can improve your home this year, some cheap, some free and some at a cost, but if you have planned properly and consult your list, whatever you need to get done, WILL get done.

If doing DIY seems beyond your pay grade then why not contact us an ask for a free house painting quote to immedeatly brighten up your house and add value.

You can call us on 0800 970 4928


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