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A solution to having your house walls painted all the time

Does your house need painting again?

Most homes need the exterior walls decorated every 2 years, which costs a lot of money in the long term.

If your home seems to need a new coat of paint every other year, you could actually be throwing money away; money that could be well spent on something else.

Does your home really need to be painted every year?

The average cost of painting (properly) a standard house in the UK, with normal masonry paint, currently stands at between £2500 and £4000, so if it needs doing every other year, you can imagine, that amounts to a fair bit of cash spent over only a few years.

If your outside walls are covered in paint then yes, this is an essential thing for most people to do, although painting a house, especially the outside is certainly not as easy as many people think.

When getting quotes or estimates for house painting, bear in mind that most houses need some TLC and repair done to the wall surface before any paint is applied, which will be added to the final price.

Why the need to paint the house each year?


Well, firstly, paint technology has admittedly moved on since the days of the 1980’s where British streets were full of people either doing up their council houses after the success of Maggie Thatcher’s “Right to buy” scheme.

People got their first taste of home ownership and one of the first things they always did was to put their own personal stamp on the exterior of the property, to mark the property out as being an ex-council house.

These type of home improvements usually started with the front door. All council houses had the same front door, often in the same colour. The new owners had pride in owning their home and the door was the easiest thing to put their mark on it, to make sure everyone else knew they owned the house.

A street of post war council houses, Whitleigh, Plymouth

It wasn’t just social housing that caught the DIY bug though as many private householders also started to see the benefits of being a bit more individual when it came to their homes.

Another thing all of these people did was to get the exterior of their houses painted by a decorator, and sometimes when they wanted something more durable and longer lasting, they contacted an exterior wall coating company.

The 80’s were full of people who jumped on this bandwagon and started to offer what was at the time, thought of as just a very expensive paint job!

It’s vitally important not only to choose the right decorator, but to specify the best paint you can possibly afford.

It’s not as hard as you may think to someone decent in, if you use your head and get references from other people you know.

If your neighbour had her house decorated last year, ask her what the painter was like?

Were they expensive or if so, was it worth the money?

Nowadays the recession has put paid to the cowboy’s of the textured coatings industry and whereas people would get more or less anyone to paint their home, now people are more picky and do a lot of research before choosing a painter or a wall coating firm, and of course why not, it’s common sense.

You don’t have to have the home walls decorated each year to keep them looking good because it is still possible to order a special weatherproof wall covering from one of these specialist firms who apply the home coating system, and have the work done any time of the year, including winter!

exterior protective wall coatings on a house in the wirral

Because the competition is so high nowadays, and because people now have the internet to name and shame the bad people, companies are far more careful as to who they employ to install their paints and coatings.

People are now finding that it really is possible to have their homes wall coated and not have to paint them again for up to 20 years, meaning MASSIVE savings, and less hassle too!

Yes masonry paint lasts longer than a year now because the paint companies have invested more money in better quality ingredients in their products, and that is the same for the generic exterior textured wall coverings that are available today.

Remember even the top brands of masonry paint are in effect COLOURED WATER which may look ok for a year or so, but it will not protect your house from the degrading effects of the weather.

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water

Most used to have the standard 15 year warranty but now people are offering 20 and 25 year guarantees on their weatherproof coatings.

Money saving house painting in the form of a spray applied wall coating

So instead of painting each year, why not look at having a weather-proof wall coating?

It is much cheaper to have a textured exterior wall coating system than it used to be, in fact the average cost now for one of these paint systems is about 50% cheaper than in recent years, making the cost of having a special coating on your house, the same price as it was in the year 2000!

Remember we are still in the deepest recession in modern times, which from our point of view means we have to be MUCH keener or price, which of course you could take advantage of and SAVE MONEY.

The home owner is best off finding a few companies online, and then getting them in to quote for the work, which unlike your decorator, often includes all repairs needed like damp proofing and wall rendering, so as you can see, these coatings will save money in both the short term and the long term, eventually paying for itself.

So if I told you that we could paint your house, for the cost of what it would have been in the year 2000, AND you won’t have to get it done for 20 years, would you buy this service from us?

Yes? OK, well give us a ring and tell us! Speak soon.

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