Painting exterior pebbledash with a textured wall coating

Wall coating remedy for 2 different shades of spar dash on a house

Take a quick look at one of our jobs done a few years back, in Bovey Tracey near Newton Abbot, near to the famous Trago Mills retail park.

This modern detached house had been recently extended. Unfortunately the pebble-dash had been mismatched by a rogue builder! A wall coating was needed.

Just one application of the NPA textured exterior wall coating system means the property now has a uniform exterior wall finish, and is maintenance free too.

This is what we did to painting this pebbledashed house in Bovey Tracey

This modern detached house in the town of Bovey Tracey, at the foothills of the Dartmoor national park, had been extended but the builder who did it, could not match in the old and the new bits of the pebbledash, or in this case, spar dash.

The two sections of wall looked completely different, and a few repairs here there to the old pebble dashed bits stuck out like a sore thumb. Their only option was to have it painted but a rough textured surface like this can only accept paint that is sprayed on.

If you have a pebble-dashed or tyrolean house which has had alterations, additions or repairs, you will know for sure that it is virtually impossible to hide new pebble-dash into an old pebble-dashed wall.

We treated the entire house with a latex bonded cement wash, then a waterproof primer, and then a sprayed top coat of a top quality guaranteed exterior wall covering.

If you are sick of looking at pebble-dash and fancy a change, then we can make this come true, usually in the space of a week!

Painting pebble dash is what we do best

We can take any pebbledash finished house and carry out all repairs, including covering bald spots of loose pebbles, filling and fixing cracked pebbledash.

Colouring and replacing pebbledash, waterproof any pebble or spar dashed wall surface, to ANY surface you want!

We can change a pebble-dash house to smooth render house, or a dashed wall house with a slight texture, or we can retain a coarse exterior wall texture, in fact anything you like!

Although we started out painting homes across Devon, we work across the UK now!

Here is the before image, showing the extension with mismatched pebbledash


We tread where painters and decorators fear the most!

We masked up the windows and applied a bonded cement slurry all over the walls and allowed to dry.

We then hand-applied a primer coating, then we sprayed a thick, viscous coating of textured exterior wall coatings to the house.

You can now see the 2 different shades of pebbledash are one colour now

A house in Bovey Tracey Devon

The Never Paint Again pebbledash painting system is far cheaper than you think and the typical family can save thousands on not having the outside of their house painted for the next 2 decades.

Here is an example of the different stages of the coating process.

You can see the bare pebbledash, then the cement based slurry coat, the primer, and then the top coat.


Once our coatings are sprayed to your house, not only will it cover up poor repairs and, in this case, 2 different shades of pebbledash, it will also not need any repairs or repainting for at least 20 years.

Click here to find out more info about exterior wall coatings for pebbledash.

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