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House painting? 30 for 30 summer sale! Get 30% off today!


UPDATED 1ST SEPTEMBER: This sale has now ended but we wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the 30 people who took us up on our offer.

30 people from around the UK and from all walks of life, with vastly different properties, took us up on this offer and they saved, in some cases, thousands, on our wall refurbishment system.

Don’t worry if you missed the boat this time, we run promotions at various different times of the year, so when contacting us, ask your local agent if there any discounts currently in your area.

Thanks again


Summer’s here and the time is right to get the outside of your house painted and with our 2018 summer sale, the first 30 orders until August 31st 2018 receive a whopping THIRTY PERCENT OFF our already low prices!

Don’t bother calling your local painter and decorator this year, call us and enjoy 25 years of no more painting. Read on to find out how to take advantage of this exceptional summer offer…..

We’ve been in business now for more than 30 years so why not give 30% off as a celebration of our glorious (!) British summer?

OK, our 30 year anniversary was 2 years ago (LOL) so I hope I’m not too late in offering you not on only the highest quality house painting job you can get, but a huge 30% off to boot also?

And staying with the theme, we can only offer this decorating deal out of our marketing budget to the first 30 people who contact us. No more no less, or we would have our accountants phoning us up asking what the hell we are doing giving away our system so cheaply!

Here’s how to take advantage of our 30% off house painting offer.

Firstly I have to explain WHY we say our outside house painting system will last you up to 25 years because you will know that masonry house paint doesn’t last that long?

Well, our surface painting system is not technically paint, it’s a wall coating, meaning it is custom made to repair and improve your home, it’s weatherproof, crack and fade resistant and comes with a written 20 year insurance backed guarantee!

I bet your local decorator can’t offer you that?!



Sounds good?

Here’s what you could get….

Not only will you enjoy our award-winning customer service right from the word “go”, we make it as easy as possible for you to get a free quote or complementary estimate to have a qualified expert paint the outside of your house.

You also get a full repair programme to the exterior of your home.

This could include:

  • Re-rendering or repairs to cracked render.
  • A full wash down and mould clean.
  • Damp proofing the house if required.
  • Replacing damaged upvc downpipes or gutters.
  • Minor alterations to the outside if needed.
  • Repairs or replacement of loose, missing or damaged pebbledash.
  • Replacement of loose or missing brick pointing (Mortar joints)
  • The elimination of previous bad repair or bodged DIY projects.

Not only do we fully repair your home, we then weatherproof, protect and paint it with our revolutionary house painting system, applied by a high-tec spray machine and available in many colours and textures to complement your property.

Your home will look amazing and will stay looking as good as new for up to 25 years!

Our wall coatings do not crack, fade, chip or peel, meaning your house will always look its best and you won’t have to have it repainted for over 2 decades! We KNOW our system works as we have been using it since 1986.


Here’s how to get it.

We want to make claiming this offer as easy as possible so all you have to do is to go to the CONTACT PAGE, fill in your details, and use the code #summer2018 to qualify for 30% off our normal prices.

There is no obligation to buy at any time, or even to agree to a free survey once you have spoken to us if it turns out to be not what you are looking for, but remember, our marketing budget will only allow us to offer this to the first 30 people who place an order with us.

After that, it’s back to our already LOW prices.

You can also call us FREE on 0800 970 4928, and remember to quote the summer discount code #summer2018

Speak soon

PS: This offer is open to homeowners in England, Wales and Scotland, ONLY. This is at the discretion of the management. The offer ends midnight August 31st 2018 and cannot be used with any other discount or offer. One per household.

UPDATED 29th August: We now have only 4 places left on this scheme. Don’t miss out!

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