House in chobham surrey after exterior painting

Exterior wall painting a detached bungalow in Chobham, Surrey

Our wall coatings team for the M3 corridor area have just completed work on a nice little detached bungalow in Chobham and they were so pleased with the work, as of course was the client, they took some nice photos to show us!

Chobham lies just between Bagshot and Chertsey and north of Woking, (Paul Weller’s old stomping ground), and a town where we have been many times before when working in the area, so we felt right at home.

As our team concentrates itself on the towns that lie either side of the M3, getting around to see people is an absolute cinch, so they were very pleased when the office gave them this nice little job to do.

When our team arrived bright and early one Monday morning in August, the customer did the right thing and immediately put the kettle on for us!

This is the thing you must remember when employing anyone around the house to do some work for you.

Cars run on petrol.

Contractors run on tea!

Now that’s out the way, the team leader collected his paperwork from the van and had a chat with the customer just to clarify and make sure what the team had been asked to do is what the customer thought they were going to do, which of course WAS the case.

We then sorted out an area around the back of the house where we could store the tools and the paint etc, and then got to work checking the walls of the house to see if there were any issues, which there were.

Repairing rendering before applying a wall coating

It is of the utmost importance that all repairs are done before an exterior wall coating, a special long life paint, is applied to any house.

We are not just referring to ourselves but also the various other exterior house painting contractors around the country.

If the repairs to the walls, such as cracks or re-rendering, are not done, the exterior coating you dipped in your pocket for, will NOT last, so always choose a professional company, and one that give references and show you their work, such as this one we are going to look at now.

This was the house during repair work: what a mess!

House in surrey before exterior painting


As you can see from the image, our boys go to town on the painting preparation work, so we can see a lot of masking up, which keeps the bricks clean, and as you can see there were various bits of render that had cracked, so we replaced the cracked render to match the surface.

You can see them in the brown coloured patches on the wall in the photo.

After this, we hand applied a primer coating and waited a few hours for it to dry fully.

Then the crew leader gets his pump out of the van, connects it up to a compressor and starts to “prime” the machine, introducing the colour into the pipes and tweaking it so it sprays the most suitable texture to the wall.

Once the spraying is finished, our lads remove all the masking and clean up, in fact we are a bit “OCD” about cleaning and always leave the premises cleaner than when we arrived!

Here is the same house in Chobham AFTER we had sprayed-on a weatherproof external wall coating.

House in chobham surrey after exterior painting


Even if I say so myself, that’s quite a change in the appearance of the property.

Although the textured masonry coating system we use LOOKS LIKE masonry paint, it is actually a viscous and very thick wall coating, 20 times thicker than normal paint, which is applied by spray and will last upwards of 20 years, repelling ALL kinds of bad weather, guaranteed.

To see more example, go to the top of this page and select GALLERY.

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We work all around Surrey, up and down the M3, and in fact most of England and Wales too.

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