Rear of house in Hertfordshire with a brand new exterior wall coating

Exterior wall coatings and house painting, on this historic grade 2 listed house in Hertfordshire

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Today we show you an external wall renovation and painting job we did in rural Hertfordshire, a grade 2 listed building in some lovely local countryside.

Case study: Refurbishing externally, a grade 2 listed cottage in Hertfordshire

This house started off life in the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st and was much smaller than what you see today.

The main part of the house was grade 2 listed, with later additions.

The property, despite its age, was in good condition, but the exterior walls required renovation, and a new coat of a breathable paint that was sympathetic to the old charm of the property, something that would offer protection as well as decoration.

A level of exterior wall protection is important in any house, something that masonry paint cannot provide, however as this was a historic house, another level of protection was needed to preserve a bit of our history.

The later non-Tudor additions would have been built before planning regulations were introduced into England I would think!

Considering the above image (which was taken after the work was completed), this is what the rear looked like before.

Cottage in Hertfordshire having work done to the outside walls

You can see our team had already begun the work, and had started to mask off and protect the tudor beams, and the windows.

Later, dust sheets would be placed on all paths, lawns and bushes, so as to not create any mess whilst work is taking place.

You can’t see from the photo, but the old masonry paint on the walls was literally hanging off and didn’t take much work to remove.

The lucky owner of this property, a learned fellow, knew that to have the repair and painting done properly and within the remit of what English Heritage and the local council would allow.

That is why he wisely chose our Hertfordshire wall coating team who have extensive experience in painting listed buildings.

Here we can see the front of the house, mainly more modern additions, having repairs done to cracked rendering

cottage in hertfordshire showing repairs to cracks in the walls

The more modern sections of the house were in quite reasonable condition, so this property did not require too much repair work prior to the application of our exterior wall coating system.

You may ask “what are exterior wall coatings“?

They are technically like paints, and are made for the same purpose, but are cleverly formulated to provide a hard wearing and durable weatherproof exterior paint finish, but one that lasts over 2 decades guaranteed.

The wall coating system is suitable for most grade 2 listed buildings, and custom shades are available in period colours, as well as the standard wall coating colour range.

The main benefits of a never paint again wall coating over masonry paint is the fact that not only will this exterior wall coating system last over 20 years, it also stops damp and condensation, never fades, cracks or peels, unlike normal paint.

That is something that a regular painter and decorator in Hertfordshire will not be able to offer you. Our special wall finish is only available via ourselves, applied by our own teams, and rather surprisingly is not as expensive as you may first think.

Although it looks like paint, it’s not, in fact, it’s a complete exterior house makeover

Considering the previous photo for the front, here it is now, with a fresh coat of wall coating paint!

Front of cottage in Hertfordshire with an exterior wall coating instead of paint

This wall covering will stay looking as fresh and clean as it does today, for the next 20 years.

Can your local decorator say that? No.!

Here is a different view of the rear of the house now painting is finished.

This property has a long lasting weatherproof wall coating, ideally suited for listed buildings.

rear of cottage in Hertfordshire after painting

You can see that the property had several different types of wall surface, indicating the relative age of each section that had been added. You can also see the different sections of house by looking at the chimneys and the roof tiles.

The Tudor “Wattle and daub” walls seen previously had to be treated by us very carefully and in a specific manner. Only decorators with a sound knowledge of working on historic homes know this.

It is surprising and also rewarding when we work on walls hundreds of years old.

History in our hands.

The rendered walls at the front, the newest section had its own challenges, and then we see a brick built part of the house, possibly Edwardian in construction, which had to be treated different than the rest of the house.

However once this is all tied up and the work is finished, the house has a lovely uniform colour and finish which really brightened up the whole property.

I like this very “Instagram” image of the front of the house so I posted it again for all to enjoy!

Rear of house in Hertfordshire with a brand new exterior wall coating

The owner of this home will not need to get any more repairs or painting done to the outside for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

We carry out similar painting work on a variety of different types of home, both old and modern up and down the whole country.

To find out if we work in your area, and to get a quote for a wall coating, you can email us or call us FREE on (0800) 970 4928 and we’re open 6 days a week.

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