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House painting during the winter season: It’s possible!

Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to paint a house exterior all winter long and you don’t have to live in a warm climate to benefit from this winter painting, in fact you could save up to 30% by having the house painted during this time.

No, we’re not joking either.

House painting during the winter is not something people normally associate with decorators but then we’re not exactly your typical decorating company!

You CAN have the exterior of your house painted during winter time.

Even with the most determined decorators, most people would agree that  painting houses during snowfall is admittedly a pretty crazy thing to do.

How desperate can you get to have a nice looking house at this time, unless you’ve got Kevin McCloud or Sarah Beeney coming around for Christmas lunch with a film crew in tow?

kevin McCloud Grand designs
Kevin McCloud from Grand designs (C) C4 TV

While painting exterior walls in winter time gets impossible when the snow is falling and temperatures dip below freezing,  there are some resin based exterior wall coatings and paints that amazingly CAN be applied during winter time, allowing wall coating specialists to extend the work season.

Never Paint Again!

The reasons traditional “Bib ‘n Brace” decorators can’t work during winter time is the fact that normal paint is water based and therefore freezes when cold, however the resin based wall coating our teams use, have a much LOWER freezing temperature and therefore CAN be applied safely all through the winter time.

House painting during the winter?

The fact that with NEVER PAINT AGAIN, decorating during winter is especially comforting if your home suffers from damp, or has cold or wet interior walls caused by wind chill against a poorly maintained exterior wall.

In this type of situation, almost immediate benefits can be enjoyed, and not only will you end up having a lovely house all through the winter, you wont have any damp, and the inside should feel warmer!

Your home can go from this……….


A house on the wirral badly in need of exterior decorating


To something like this………..

Never paint again wall coatings, the finished product, on a house on the wirral

….in less than a week, with minimal disruption, at any time of year.

So don’t wait until next summer to phone us!

For whatever reason, choosing a home improvement specialist to do the work during autumn and winter can bring some real benefits and you could save a lot of money too, plus it is more likely that you will be able to get the work done when it suits you, not when it suits the home improvement company.

Many of these companies are quiet at that time of year and often will give you a keen and competitive price to get the work.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as the saying goes!

So with a little bit of effort from yourself, and a lot of effort from a tradesman, you cold get your whole house sorted out, much cheaper than you think, and then you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home will stay warm and dry during the winter.

This means lower heating bills, and also next year you don’t have to worry about getting anyone in to do the work because you were smart and you sorted it all out it in the winter and saved yourself “loadsamoney”!

Its important to also give a REALISTIC view of the services we offer during this time of year.

We do not generally work when it is snowing (although there are exceptions), nor do we work in rain, however irregular showers do not generally affects our job, unlike a decorator, because a light shower will not wash our coating off the wall as it is waterproof, but masonry paint will just be washed away.


applying krend coloured render

The shorter daylight hours also, plus the colder temperatures leading to a slower drying time for our wall coatings, mean yes the job will take longer, but you WILL save a lot of money and you then do NOT have to worry about taking time off work or rearranging your holiday if you had the work done during the summer!

If you have flaky paint, damp patches, wet walls, cracked tyrolean exterior wall coverings, exterior cracking in your walls, penetrating or rising damp in your house, or if the outside of your home needs work or repainting then call us FREE today on 0800 970 4928.

A site visit and survey is FREE and should you choose to have NEVER PAINT AGAIN paint your house this year, we guarantee you will not need to see us again for the next 20 years!

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