An old post office in Kent with a new paint job

Painting a house in Sandwich, kent, before going to Widnes to paint another!

We paint homes up and down the country so here’s 2 examples of houses we painted with our weatherproof and very long life textured wall coatings.

Our teams work up and down the UK so this is just one week, one team, doing 2 jobs at opposite ends of England.

We give you some basic information about what we did to two very different properties,  the first one being a terraced, brick built house in Sandwich, Kent, the other a large 1920’s detached home up in Widnes, Cheshire.

So no it’s not about sandwiches but we thought if we put that as the title and stuck a photo of a sandwich it might get someone looking at our website who was both hungry AND needed their house painted! You can’t knock us for trying, eh?!

The article is all about painting walls, on two different houses, in 2 different towns

Anyway……both of these homes have been repaired by us, and then they have benefited from a new paint job, but one with a difference.

Our paint, or more specifically, our textured wall coatings, are designed to be sprayed on with a high pressure machine we get imported from the USA.

Once this coating has been applied to the walls of a house, it is guaranteed, for up to 20 years in fact, that the owner of the house will not have to pay anyone else to paint it!

The coatings on these two homes are not only highly durable and resistant to all inclement weather, the paint keeps it’s colour and won’t crack, fade, flake or peel, saving the owners a small fortune over time.

This article will hopefully show you why we don’t have prices on the website as no 2 houses are ever the same, so to find out how much this system costs, just give us a ring, we even pay for the call! Tel: (0800) 970 4928

Here’s the first “before and after” in Sandwich, east Kent.

I love a good Sandwich

This is the house before we started work on it and looking rather scruffy.

brick house in Sandwich, Kent before an exterior wall coating
brick house in Sandwich, Kent before an exterior wall coating

Can you spot something unusual on the wall? Yes, that’s right, the old post box, painted black!

This building was an old Post Office many years ago!

In fact as I myself am from this area, my late father who drove buses here in the 60’s may have even popped in to buy a postage stamp and 20 woodbines many years ago! I digress.

The house had an untidy appearance so we removed all old and flaky paint, tidied up some loose brick pointing and did some repairs to some of the bricks themselves.

We then applied a stabilising cement-based primer, a paint-based primer over the top of the that, and then we sprayed a textured weatherproof masonry coating over the top, and this is what it looks like now, and will continue to look like this until the year 2034!

The “after” photo when we painted this old post office in Kent

An old post office in Kent with a new paint job
Weatherproofed and protected, with a durable exterior wall coating

As you can imagine, the owner is very happy with his new home.

Well that was our Sandwich time, now to get into the van and race up to Widnes, in Cheshire, to take a look at our next property.

Painting the exterior of a 1920’s house in Widnes.

This house was a very different project to the one we just finished, and with the walls being rendered smooth, we faced a different set of repairs and used different methods than the first house we showed you.

This is a view of what the house looked like on the day our van arrived.

house in widnes before painting

The house had recently been re-rendered after some alterations, but normal masonry paint would never be able to cover the joins in the old and new rendering, only a thick textured wall coating can hide render scars, which is what we prescribed for this particular house.

Basically the house was repaired, masked up, a primer painted to the walls and then a top coat of NPA textured masonry coating was sprayed to the wall surface, and this is what it looks like now…..

The house in Widnes after the application of a textured wall coating

house painted in Widnes cheshire

The first image we have is the front of the house and WOW what a difference!

And the 2nd of the “after” photo’s we took is from the same side as the “before” image where we saw the ugly unpainted render that really didn’t do the house any favours, but look at it now!

This property is now maintenance free and will repel the weather for the next 20 years, far outlasting anything a painter and decorator could offer you!

The exterior of this house in Widnes will not need repainting of the walls for 2 decades.

side and rear of painted house in Widnes cheshire

These jobs were completed in August 2014 and both come with a 20 year, insurance backed guarantee, which is transferable to the new owner if you sell your home in the future, and what a great selling point that would be too!

To find out costs, turnaround times, availability and so on, call us today or send us a confidential email.

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