Never paint your house again with these wall coatings!

have your cake and eat it

Remember the old saying “You can’t have your cake AND eat it?”

Was having the house painted this summer “on the cards”  but it never got done?

Did you know, you can have your house painted all year round with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings and save loads of money?

It’s true, and this is with with our revolutionary Exterior wall coating system.

There is no need for paint with this system, although it does look like paint when it goes on the wall, however it is not water based and therefore is ideal for application in lower temperatures where other exterior wall coverings cannot be applied.

Many painters and decorators only work during the warmer months of the year, or at least those where rain is not expected.

This is because masonry paint contains a lot of water and as such, one can imagine what happens if a freshly painted wall gets rained on.

Yes, that’s right, it ends up painting the floor instead.

NEVER PAINT AGAIN Exterior wall coatings can be applied 12 months of the year. FACT!

Our teams are out working right NOW, as this article is being written, and despite the weather, our house painting service comes into it’s element.

exterior protective wall coatings on a house in the wirral

10 Reasons why people choose us to get their house painted

  1. They may have only just bought the house and need urgent works.
  2. Damp has appeared, promoting them to call us as our coatings cure damp.
  3. Works by others such as extensions, finish early and the whole project needs to be finished now!
  4. An urgent repair or set of repairs has appeared, needing immediate action.
  5. The owners have to sell their house quickly, so a new paint job certainly helps.
  6. The owners did not have the funds available up until now.
  7. The owners may be busy during the summer months and couldn’t arrange it.
  8. They might have won the lottery!!! (Although our prices are MUCH lower than you think!)
  9. They may have fussy relatives coming for Christmas and they want their home to look its best.
  10. They want to save up to 30% off what it costs to have this during the summer.

You CAN have your cake, and you CAN eat it!

Whatever the reason,  having your house painted, and of course repaired if needed, during the months between October and February, will save the average home owner a lot of money against having it done in the summer.

This means you get the best of both worlds.

The house can be repaired, damp proofed and painted, and the massive savings speak for themselves.

How do we do our painting work so it never needs repainting?

Over time, all types of exterior walls suffer from deterioration, erosion, flaking paint, damp and cracking render.

Never Paint Again wall coatings cure all problems and leave your property with a beautiful maintenance-free finish. We enhance the value of your home, whilst providing full weather protection, guaranteed.

Unlike your local painter and decorator we spend the majority of the time at your house carrying out the preparation works to the walls before we open any tins of paint.

All necessary repairs are done to your home such as rendering, fixing cracks and paint removal

Aesthetic solutions truro cornwall having a new paint job

We work clean and tidy so there is no need to do any cleaning up after the men have gone, we leave the otuside of your home immaculate once we finish the painting.

We carry out any repairs that may be needed, and ensure your home exterior is in tip top condition.

We then mask up doors and windows, apply 2 primer coats by hand and then spray on the top coat of a textured masonry wall coating.

This highly durable wall coating will not need any further painting at all for at least 20 years so no need to paint your house again! You can concentrate on other things in life.

Why not get in touch with us today?

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