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Some advice we gave about rendering a house

Never Paint Again has a long history of repairing, rendering and painting houses in the Blackpool area and one day we got an interesting email from a home owner, this time in Blackpool, asking about the suitability of exterior wall coatings on his rendered house, so this is what he asked us and this is what we said……

(Oh and by the way, we offer service across the ENTIRE UK, not just Blackpool!)

Here is an email from a site user in Blackpool

“Dear NPA, we own a guest house in Blackpool and we need the exterior of the place sorted, especially the rear of the building which has a lot of cracks and the paint, although done last year, is starting to peel in 2 places and when I run my hand over the wall lightly, the paint comes off in a powder, which I guess is not normal!

The front of the house is not looking too bad, but as it is a tall place, we always have to have scaffolding up when we have it painted, like I said, that was last year, and even this is expensive!

  I also know, from my time in the trade, that there is some hollow render (I tapped it) and some cracks too, plus a chunk of missing moulding above the door which I see each time I walk into the house!

I see your wall coating system means that I would not have 2 have this painted each year, so 1, i would like a price please and 2. when can you come and see the house? thank you

Mr Peter ************* , Blackpool, Lancashire

by Email.

……AND WE SAID………….

Hello Peter thanks for your email, it is always nice to have a question asked of our services, it proves we are doing our job right! LOL! 🙂 Anyways, ok, lets see if I can answer each point.

1) Yes, we cover the whole of the Lancs area (and Yorks. too)

2) by what you say, I think we would need to come and see the house, but yes, you have already identified some problems so we would need to take some measurements and see what we can do for you.

3) Current paint finish: Yes, after usually only ONE winter, the masonry paint on the wall of your house will start to break down and the powder you speak of is evidence of that. Our exterior wall coating dont do that, in fact they would last up to 20 years.

4) Scaffolding: Yes this can be expensive, especially if every year or two you are paying for it! It sounds like we may also need a scaffold, however this would be incorporated into the price, we would only use a local Blackpool company to do it, and once we finish the wall coating work to the house, like I said, you would need to do it again for at least 15 years.

5) Broken (?) Molding?: Again, we would need to look at it, but this is something we are very experienced at doing and once we repair it and the wall coating is over the top of the moulding, you would not notice it has been repaired.

I hope the above reassures you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind regards
Guy Alexander Bell. Bsc.(hons)
Never Paint Again UK

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