quaint house for valentines day

Give your house some love for Valentines day

In the run up to February the 14th why not help set the romantic scene at home by spreading the “luuurve” towards your home and having the exterior walls painted with a long life weatherproof paint?

No, hold on, bear with me on this one!

I will explain. It’s about this time of year, we’ve finished the “looking back” phase (just after new year) and now most of us look forward to what the year will bring.

Ok, so the economy isn’t in good shape, on the surface for many, things don’t look so fab, but on a more practical level, we all live in houses and pretty soon you will be thinking about having to get the exterior painted YET AGAIN, as it doesn’t look so good.

Valentines day

February 14th: Imagine you and your partner, glass of wine in hand, on the patio, framed by your house in the background with grubby, cracked walls and peeling paint? Doesn’t really set the scene very well does it?

Your house needs your love. ♥

Just like humans, houses need love and attention too.

Our house is by far our most important possession, and its not only somewhere where we can keep our “stuff”, its also the scene for family life, for couples to share, and something we aspire to be proud of.

It is therefore obvious that if we don’t look after it, we will suffer. Whether that is in the form of damp and a feeling of gloom in the house, to our level of prestige and being able to look at the house and say “that’s my place!”

Couple sitting with shopping bags on sofa

If you are trying to SELL this year, maybe even to make a new start, or for a growing family, if the house has defects and a shabby appearance, you will struggle to find a buyer; houses aren’t exactly flying off the shelves at present.

If you show your house some love, it will look after you in many ways.

Houses need care and attention. They need to be looked after, nurtured, kept clean and tidy, well insulated so you are nice and warm etc.

Home Improvements may be the last thing on your mind this February the 14th, however if you get any arrangements sorted out now, you can relax, guilt free, on Valentines day as you know you don;t have any home important worries on your mind

Give your house a warm “cuddle”, with our Exterior wall coatings!

To avoid this article sounding stupid, let me explain.

Your house needs as much care and attention as your partner, because if you don’t give your partner care, love and attention, they may in the end let you down. That is the same for your house.

If you don’t care for your house, and if you don’t look after your house, it is going to let you down, big time.

If cracks are evident on the exterior wall surface, they are going to get worse, ending with damp coming into the house, the bricks and mortar version of crying in fact!

Something wrong with the walls?

If your walls inside are cold or damp to the touch, this is a warning sign that something is wrong, especially if the walls are still cold when the heating is switched on. If your partner is cold, what do you do?

You offer them a nice warm coat and/or give them a cuddle!

If your other half is getting wet and soaked through in the rain, what do you do?

You make sure they are protected from the wet weather with a nice warm coat and maybe a hat, and maybe even an umbrella.

give your house some love

Let’s translate that thought to your house

If the wind and the rain and howling at your house, it needs protection and the paint that some dodgy decorator from down the pub splashed on last year has all come off and is not protecting the house in any way.

Your house is lacking love and may suffer from flaky paint, loose pointing around bricks, rotten fascia boards, loose windows, oh what a horror story!

Your home can look (possibly) as romantic as the one in the picture, although we do offer a full range of colours to suit every mood!

So what’s the answer?

Give your home the long term benefits of a NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating which is like a nice warm coat, and a cuddle and a kiss thrown in too!

Our weatherproof exterior wall coatings will cure all damp and any cold walls you have, meaning the house will be nice and cosy, all ready for Valentines day.

The fun doesn’t stop there though as our exterior wall coatings, in place of normal paint, carry on keeping your home warm and dry for up to 20 years without the need to repaint!

You too can benefit from the UK’s best quality exterior wall covering, at a fraction of this summers standard retail price, when we are much busier than we are in January and February.

Our super tough exterior wall coatings, on your home, can really spread the love this Valentines day and to find out more, ………..

………..give one of our hopelessly romantic call centre agents a ring (!) on 0800 970 4928 and have a happy ending this Valentines day.

Lots of love from the Never Paint Again Team. 🙂

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