Exterior Wall coatings winter sale

Get a competitive quote NOW, have it done whenever!

I guess the last thing you are thinking about is getting a house painting quote just now, but you can save a fortune in ordering a paint job now, and we can do it any time over the next 6 months!

This is because many people at this cold time of year, do not realise that our wall coating system can still be applied during winter as well as in summer, because our coatings don’t contain water and therefore they don’t freeze!

This is why our teams work 365 days of the year, repairing, rendering and painting the exteriors of houses up and down the UK so there is no excuse not to get a house painting or wall coating quote today!

Switching off my sales patter for a second (!) or two (!!), what I’m saying is true; our exterior wall coatings really can be applied all year round, because the coating, like I said, does not freeze.

If a decorator tries to paint your house during cold weather, the water in the paint, and the painted bits of the walls, can freeze, but there are some products that you can add to paint to combat the freezing in paint but there is a limit.

The next time you see a man covered in snow painting his house, it wont be with our products (!) and we have a limit with what bad weather we can work in too.

plymouth hoe after snowfall

Reasons why you should get a house painting quote

Here’s a few reasons why I am sat here telling you to get a quote now.

I’m not trying to convince you out of desperation (LOL!) i’m trying to let the public know that December and January are actually REALLY GOOD TIMES to get the house painted and there’s no real reason not to as I will give you a big discount for ordering now!

I also need to keep our installation teams going in work too, and there is no need for them to be sat around, or catching up with paperwork this winter season, because they can be at your home, repairing and painting it with our special external wall coverings

Front of brick house after exterior wall coatings

What’s so good about Wall coatings?

A wall coating job to the external walls of a property is not a posh paint job! In reality yes we do work on some “posh” homes, but as is the nature of business, we get to repair and paint a huge variation in homes, such as terrace houses, semi’s, bungalows, even shops and hotels.

No job is too big and nothing is too much trouble.

A wall coating paint installed on your house will not flake, fade, crack, peel or fall off, for over 15 years. It is available in a variety of shades and textures and is virtually maintenance-free.

A job also includes a full repair included in the cost, agreed beforehand of course, and usually encompasses the team doing re-rendering or other external plastering, crack repair and so on, plus we do damp proofing as part of the deal.

If your home suffers from damp, we WILL cure it for you, guaranteed.

Here’s the deal…

If we can work on your home this December or January, we will give you the job with a huge AND GENUINE 30% off the cost price, just to keep our teams working!

We would like to do the work in December or January if we can get a quick decision from you.

You can however opt to order now, but pay a small deposit, and have the work done any time over the next couple of months, just so we can fill in one of the slots on the planner for next year and we know in advance how much paint to order from the factory.

That means we can then buy in bulk and can pass the savings we make on to you, so everyone wins!

It helps us and its helps you too!

We will give you a big discount for letting us work at this time, plus we will NOT leave your house in a mess, and will of course not work on Xmas day or the 2 days either side of that.

Your Xmas will go along as normal.

Contact us for more details, even just for a chat, we’re always here! 🙂

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

 Terms apply and the companies decision is final.
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