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Get a good balance when doing home renovation

Houses can be a right royal pain in the neck if they need a range of home improvement or repairs, but if you plan to stay in your home for some time, you can decorate how you like, and do things to the property that reflect your style.

That’s the beauty of owning your own house, you can do what you want to it, more or less, but it’s still about achieving a balance between what works and what doesn’t.

There are loads of good reasons to carry out improvement to your home, from doing things that add to the value and condition, such as having an exterior wall coating applied to the outside, or having brand new windows fitted, or even the addition of a nice smart conservatory out the back.

If you have strange or unusual tastes, go ahead and paint your lounge jet back (!), but be sensible with adding your own mark to the house because not only should it be acceptable to other members of the household, but you need to think about what people will think when you eventually sell the home and move on elsewhere.

Some people go to GREAT LENGTHS to add their own style.

Wacky decorating and crazy painting styles.

tony and his star trek flat
tony and his star trek flat

If this sort of thing “floats your boat” then its very appropriate, after all its your house, but as we said above, what happens if you want to sell it?

Not everyone wants to live on the starship enterprise, especially if its in a  flat in Berkshire!

(beam me up NOW!)

That black room with the coffin in the corner maybe be super cool for your “goth” lifestyle, but it wont if you want to sell the house and the first potential buyer hates it.

Yes, she could decorate, but its hassle that many new home owners don’t want or need.

Those meat hooks in the kitchen may put off a veggie buyer, whilst your dog, as much as you love him, if he smells, that REALLY will put someone off, even if they have a dog themselves.

Home renovation

There are lots of personal touches you can make to your home that can be un-done if need be.

Decorating and painting is perhaps the most obvious one and one lick of paint follows the other.

From the point of viewing of selling the house, “kerb appeal” is ever important, and most estate agents will tell you that the house gets “sold” on the first impression the potential buyers has when they arrive at the property.

“Keeping the exterior clean, freshly painted and tidy is therefore paramount if selling, however it is actually very good practice to do this anyway, even if you have no plans to move from your home.”

using zen and feng shui

Feng Shui principles tell us also that the road to peace and harmony is found in a clean, tidy and un-cluttered home, so this is something that is very interesting, is virtually free to practice, and could enhance your home and your lifestyle in ways you never thought imaginable!

Red kitchen cupboards with green flooring?

EEEEW!! You may think the latest fashionable colours and trendy designs are the next big thing but what if they are NOT the next big thing? Spending 10 grand on a new kitchen to try and sell your home and using wacky colours will backfire on you.

Just think back to the 80’s. Bathrooms in “manure” brown or “baby vomit” green were all the rage then, but no one wants to look at them now and the same will happen for your new red kitchen!

If you are staying put for a while and unusual decorating is what you like, go ahead, its your place, just use a certain degree of caution and achieve a balance. Decorate for now, but do think of the future.

 Think of the LONG TERM when exterior painting.

As we said above, adding colour to your house can bring lots of benefits but remember the exterior of your home has to repel the weather too, so whatever goes on the outside must be flexible, weatherproof and durable.

The best match for that particular product would have to be Andura Tex Gard classic, the UK’s foremost masonry coating, which is installed by specialist teams.

Once it goes onto the wall, the house doesn’t have to be painted for up to 20 years, giving you total peace of mind.

It is of course an external wall covering that is designed as long life so it may not be so good if you plan to change the colour of the outside of the house on a frequent basis, but again, it’s your choice!

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