Cost of never paint again wall coating

Get a FREE survey of the exterior of your house!

Yes, that’s not a spelling mistake, this really is your opportunity to get a FREE professional, detailed and easy to understand,  survey and appraisal of the condition of the exterior of your house.

This is NOT a special offer, we do this every day!

In a world where nothing is ever for free, never paint again breaks the mould once more to tell you that we DO have something for free!

So why, i hear you ask, would you want a FREE survey?

Isn’t that along the same lines as being offered a “Free tour” around a timeshare resort?

With sales pitch at the end of it?


Because our external house coatings are custom made and custom fitted to our customers houses, we can’t exactly have a showroom to display them in can we?

And if we did, we would have to raise our prices, which would mean passing that onto our clients and we certainly don’t want to be doing that.

A free survey for WHAT exactly?

As we said above, because our long life house coatings are custom made, we have to have an opportunity to show them to prospective clients, and we do that at the clients house.

This is part of why the survey is free. And no, you do NOT have to buy them, and no you are not subjected to a sales pitch, or conned, lied to, or fobbed off with clever talk at any time.

Many of our competitors take that approach but we wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

What actually happens during a survey?

Let me make it clear from the start though, that we end up visiting your home to survey it, at your request, we don’t “cold call” people.

The NPA surveyor, who would have personally made contact with you beforehand,  usually sits down with you both for a brief chat (cup of tea time!), and often makes some notes about what sort of work you are thinking about having done to your home exterior.

Once the surveyor has a good idea of your requirements, he invites you to go outside with him, and walk around the outside of the house, so that he can get a good picture of what exactly you want done.

Then the surveyor takes measurements, to work out the price of the exterior coating, and then goes into detail examining the house for defects such as cracks in the walls, loose pebbledash, building movement, evidence of damp and so on.

This is then written up in a report, FREE of charge, for you to keep for any further home improvement you may wish to get done at some point.

He then shows you some samples of our masonry coating products, and answers any questions you may have. Then the surveyor works out the title cost of having a Never Paint Again external coating on your walls, and it is presented to you, in writing.

The survey can be a good extra piece of paper if you plan to sell your house, although it is not as detailed, and should NOT be a replacement for a chartered surveyors report as we only deal with the exterior of the house, not the rest of it.

If you want time to think about having any work done by us, that’s absolutely fine, no worries.

If you do want it, then your surveyor can quickly sort any paperwork out there and then.

If you have one of our house coatings, you will get top quality products on your house, AND not only will it look amazing, your home exterior will not need to be repainted, or repaired for at least 20 years, and that comes with the peace of mind of a written, insurance backed warranty, direct from the contractor.

You can call to arrange this on (0800) 970 4928

Back on the subject though, if you are in the market this year for getting the house painted, you could do no worse than to request a FREE survey from never paint again. It really is FREE, although you may admittedly have to fork out for one cup of tea for our surveyor!

See you soon!

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