Mock tudor country home in east sussex

External wall coverings on an old house in Sussex

Our latest finished job shows a grand country estate house in east Sussex, with a combination of mock tudor, unpainted brick and pebbledash.

The manager of the estate engaged NEVER PAINT AGAIN to refurbish and repair this lovely home for future years.

Of course this house needed a great deal of care and attention, and that certain level of experience that can only be found at NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK.

The project involved many different aspects of work including  the repair and painting of several areas of the smooth, flat rendered panels and the panels that had been coated with a pebbledash finish.

We had to take great care of this very valuable house, just as we take the greatest of care when we a paint job on a standard terraced house in a town somewhere in England or Wales.

Renovations to the house walls, taking great care with this old house before we install the wall covering

Our teams worked very hard on this house to bring a beautiful property to life, and one which now benefits from a weatherproof external wall covering.

We used a smooth textured masonry coating that is not only 20 times the thickness of modern paints, even the top brands, it provides the utmost protection against all types of bad weather too.

Here is the house before painting started


Rear of east sussex country house before painting
Rear of the house before we started work. Rear of east Sussex country house before painting


Here we can see the masking on the house, and the pebbledash has been coated with a cement bonding slurry

The house has been kept in very good condition by the owners, however there were certain areas than needed far more than just a careful touch up with some paint.

This shows us repairing the panels, with masking protection too
This shows us repairing the panels, with masking protection too

As you can see, we took great care in working on the house.

The above shows one elevation during the renovation of the old panels in-between the mock Tudor beams.

We had to mask off the area around to avoid any cement splashes on the bricks and wood.

The same view now finished with an exterior wall coating.
The same view now finished with an exterior wall coating.

……and as you can see the change is dramatic.

After we had finished the mock Tudor panels, which took some time, we commenced repairs and cleaning on the lower brick work areas.

So who are we?

Never Paint Again are the UK’s number 1 exterior wall coating company.

We are not saying that to try and win business, we don’t need to do that, we are saying that because since 1986, and online since 1999, we have transformed homes up and down the country and have an enviable track record.


Always choose the UK’s number ONE exterior wall coating company, not these bunch of clowns!

this is what cowboy wall coating companies look like
Be careful what company you choose…….

We paint houses of all shapes and sizes, and our products last for up to 20 years, fully guaranteed.

Looks expensive?

Well, actually no it isn’t, although the house itself was!

Remember our service is far more than a fancy paint job.

We have repaired and painted houses across East Sussex, from Brighton to Battle, Lewes to Hastings and everywhere in-between.

We even promise to beat the quote of any similar company and our wall covering system is unbeatable from the point of view of flexibility, durability and weatherproofing, but it also looks great too!

Call us for more information on 0800 970 4928 or email us for a competitive house painting quote

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