ront of gatwick bungalow after wall coating

Textured Exterior wall coatings on a bungalow in East Grinstead, near Gatwick Airport

Come fly with me (!) and take a look at our latest exterior house painting project, an old bungalow in need of TLC, in East Grinstead, near to Gatwick Airport in West Sussex.

This article explains briefly the sort of work we did, and then you can view the before and after photos to see what a difference our long life wall painting system had made to this cute little place.

We do like to “get around” and “out and about” and this little job is no exception.

Tucked away in East Grinstead and near one of Britain’s Busiest airports, was a bungalow that needed some of our TLC.

It had only been painted, with top brand masonry paint, a couple of years ago but it didn’t last, certainly nowhere near the rubbish claims of longevity that major paint brand put on their tins, so the owners contacted us as they did not want to waste any more money on house painting!

This was completed in November 2017

It is worth noting that you do NOT have to wait until Spring or Summer to have your property exterior painted, we can do it all year round, even in winter, and although this place was manly render, we also specialise in wall coatings for pebbledash too!.

This was a view of the front on the day we arrived


front of gatwick bungalow before painting

As you can see the front wall didn’t exactly look very inviting.

You can also see in this picture we are starting the first stage of the prep process, namely applying a biocide anti-mould agent, to the walls before power washing them down to remove years of grime, soot and flaky paint.

This attention to detail in the preliminary stages of painting a house is of vital importance as many homes near to industrial areas, or in this case, a major airport, there are airborne particles, naked to the eye, that slowly eat away at the masonry paint on your home.

Luckily our textured exterior wall coating system repels pollution and the thick top coating will not break down at all, so it lasts upwards of 20 years and we guarantee that too.

In fact not only do we guarantee it, a major insurance company provides extra cover on TOP of that, meaning you get TWO guarantees on our wall coating, not one!

It is worth noting that the existing wall rendering on the house was very poorly done, many years ago and there were many uneven areas of render.

As our textured exterior coating is so thick, it effectively covers these and you will later see in the AFTER photos, the rendering is now a clean, crisp, uniform surface all the way around.

Here’s some more “before” photos so you can see what state the house was in


rear of gatwick bungalow before works


The walls were porous and let damp into the house, ruining the wallpaper and internal paintwork. You can see evidence of this on the green mould growing on the walls.

That can only grow if the walls are permanently wet. Our coatings alleviate this.

What did we do next to the bungalow?

Well as there are literally HUNDREDS of pages on this website where we take before and after photos and explain the process, I am perhaps at risk of repeating myself again!

So after the repairs we masked up the doors and windows, hand-applied a primer coating, allowed it to dry and then sprayed a thick helping of our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings.

Here is what the rear of the house looks like now. (Compare with the photo above)


Rear of gatwick bungalow

That’s much better!!!

The next photo (below) is the side wall of the house before we started.

It doesn’t look too inspiring either does it?

In fact it looks quite scruffy. Well, we got to work on it for sure so scroll down and see the AFTER photo, after this next one. NOTE: You can see poorly executed rendering to the right hand side of the before photo.

This wall had an uneven surface and evidence of previous repair work.


side of Gatwick bungalow

Now look at the same area in the AFTER photo and we have removed the scars from the wall

….and as if by magic……..

With an application of our thick textured coating to the walls, the scars and blemishes have gone

side of bungalow in gatwick


The above photo shows how quickly we can transform a scruffy and unloved space into something bright and welcoming, in fact the owners were utterly overjoyed at the fantastic transformation to their home which, it is worth noting, ONLY TOOK THREE DAYS from start to finish.

As the sun sets on this West Sussex bungalow we can see (if we compare the BEFORE photo, at the top of this page) the bungalow now looks spick ‘n span and is now fully weatherproof, and just in time for winter too!

It also has the added benefit of a thermally insulated exterior wall covering, applied by our own skilled, factory-trained teams (NOT sub contractors by the way) and will stay looking EXACTLY the same as this, for at least the next 20 years.

Front of bungalow with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings

ront of gatwick bungalow after wall coating

It all looks great, but is it expensive?

No. This complete exterior makeover job would have costed somewhere between £3,400 and £4,900, although we cannot reveal the exact cost of the particular job, for privacy and data protection reasons.

Compare this with a painter and decorator, carrying out the repairs that were needed, and then 2 coats of a top brand paint, would still cost around £2,800.

Our paint job does not need to be redone for over 20 years.

The decorator would have to come back and repaint this house every 3 years at least, meaning over 20 years the owners would have to shell out around £20,000 !!!!!!! and this is not accounting for inflation!

Remember also the scars on the walls we spoke about?

exterior wall coating sussex

Normal paint will NOT hide them, our protective wall coating WILL, and our wall coating system stops all kinds of damp, your painter cannot and will not offer that service.

In addition your decorator will never offer any form of legitimate guarantee so as you can see although this system is only slightly more money than a normal paint job, you get a LOT more bang for your buck with our wall coating system.

So, no it is not expensive!

Why not call us and find out on (0800) 970 4928 or click HERE TO EMAIL US.

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