Exterior painting of villas, chalets and houses in Spain

Cheap house for sale Spain

Why bother painting your house in Spain EVERY year? Por Que? Why “make do” with bad tradesmen ruining your Spanish home? No me gusta! Why pay top prices for low quality home improvements in Spain? No lo Sé!

2015 sees a return to Spain for us after a short break, and we have teamed up with our friends Andura Abroad, on the Costa Blanca, to bring you our famous long-life weatherproof house painting system for your home in Spain and it’s available right NOW, all year round..


The Amazing “NPA Exterior Wall coating System” is suitable for all Spanish exterior wall surfaces and all types of Spanish houses: Chalets, Urb Houses, Villas, Pueblo and town houses, Fincas, the lot!

Your house in Spain can be painted with our super tough and durable exterior wall coating, and will NOT need repainting for at least 20 years!

Top quality Spanish house painting and decorating services:

A house painting system is like no other on the market today.

Our teams and contractors are mainly bilingual so we can get to know exactly what sort of work that you want doing to your house and we can keep you informed as works progress.

Our teams have been painting homes in Spain for many years, and have worked up and down the costas and inland, and in the “campo” too so they know what they are doing.

The benefits of a long life coating on your Spanish home

  • Improved appearance and resale value
  • Our coatings last up to 20 years, guaranteed
  • All instances of damp cured permanently
  • Special wall coverings resist fading, peeling and cracking
  • Wall coatings do NOT crack under the scorching Spanish sun
  • Our coatings provide a thermal barrier against cold internal walls
  • Installed by experienced and professional tradesman
  • Typical installation takes less than ONE WEEK.
  • A quotation is FREE and with no obligation

Instead of getting “Pepe” down the road to slap some cheap paint from Mercadona on the “fachadas” every year, consider getting a FREE quote for an NPA Exterior wall coating on the exterior walls instead

This special coating has been installed by us on homes across Europe since 1986 and we bring to you 29 years proof of performance.

We also speak German, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch and French!

There’s nothing worse than having to find someone to paint the exterior walls of your home in Spain is there?

We take the sting out of getting your home decorated and we are internationally-focused people who speak many languages.

dining alfresco in lliria valencia spain
(Yes that is me on the left!)

We charge a fair price, for top quality paintwork on your casa! All quotes are written and fixed price, and all work comes with a 20 year warranty.

This is especially important if your house is only a holiday home in Spain and you don’t spend the whole year here.

The LAST thing you want to worry about is the deterioration of a house, 1000′s of miles away from your base in the UK or elsewhere in Northern Europe.

Just look what an amazing transformation the Never Paint Again weatherproof exterior wall coating system can do for YOUR place in the sun!

neverpaintagain wall coatings ltd

We are able to refurbish the exterior of almost ANY Spanish house!

We refurbish the exteriors of town houses, chalets, urbanisation houses, villas, commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, cafe’s, office buildings, in fact any type of property can be made maintenance free by the team at Never Paint Again.

An exterior wall coating system is NOT broken down by the hot sun like normal paint, and also stops damp coming into your home

House in Spain needing painting with damp and flaky paint
A villa on the Costa Blanca in serious need of a repaint


House in Spain after Andura exterior masonry coatings
Yes this really IS the SAME villa, but with a long life durable wall covering that will NOT crack in the sun, and also stops damp!

Long life, affordable, weather protection for your Spanish home

We are well known for protecting homes across the UK and Ireland from bad weather, but did you know we also protect homes in Spain and Gibraltar, from GOOD WEATHER?!!

Yes I know that sounds daft but that lovely hot sun you see in the sky can cause damage to the paint and render on the exterior of your house, just as the sun can cause damage to your skin.

Think of the exterior render or paint on your home as its “skin” and each time the sun beats down, it breaks apart the binding molecules that go into making paint in the first place so it is advisable to have something strong and durable on your house.

Scraping off old paint in spain and painting under the naya

All property problems cured, AND guaranteed!

So Whats involved?

Well, we differ from a normal decorator, and the products we use, differ also from normal house paint.

Why? Because we don’t use normal paint, we use a special type of long life exterior wall coating, which when it is in the tin, is so thick, it has to be applied with a special spray machine, by teams who have been trained especially, in how to operate a masonry coatings spraying machine.

Because the coating is sprayed onto the wall of your house, it literally “fuses” with the masonry or bricks and forms a very durable paint coating, available in many colours, which after application, will outlast even the best Spanish paint for YEARS AND YEARS!!!


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