Before and after: front before painting

Painting a rendered house in Weston super mare with a durable external wall coating

This example is a large detached, 5 bedroom  smooth rendered house in the Weston super mare area, which was in fairly good condition to start with, so apart from small areas of cracked and hollow render, (which we replaced), it was a fairly straightforward job!

It is worth noting that when you choose a professional company for some exterior home improvement work,  all repairs MUST be done to the exterior wall, before anything is applied, be it paint or a Wall Coating, the repairs MUST be done!

Out of any exterior home improvement task, having your house painted will by far make the most difference, both to its relative value, and its appearance

Bear in mind the poor quality of the photos due to the fact this was taken nearly 15 years ago

This is the condition of the house in Weston before we started

A nice house but dull and boring paint work
A nice house but dull and boring paint work

It had only been painted just over a year ago but already the paint was way past its sell by date, plus the previous decorator had done a “bodge job” and just painted over the cracked and hollow render, which wasn’t a good sign.

It always amazes us here in the surveying office when someone whose home could be worth up to half a million pounds yet they look for the absolute CHEAPEST painting company.

My god, if I owned an expensive house I would lavish money on it, after all, investing in your home always brings rewards.

The front of the house before wall coating commenced

The front of the house before painting
The front of the house before painting

The front of the house was not much better and despite the overcast weather it was still gloomy in anyone’s books, so something needed to be done to freshen the place up a bit, which is of course why we were there in the first place.

This image shows the rear of the house

We had to do some fixing up of the rendering, which you can see in the dark patches on the wall.

We then masked up the windows, as you can see, ready for the primer.

When we carry out render patch repairs, we have the skill to match it in perfectly with the surface, not leaving any bits sticking out from the wall, meaning that once the paint is on the wall no-one would ever know it had been repaired.

Render repairs on the house
Render repairs on the house

The exterior walls were washed down to remove old friable and flaky paint, and then as we said above, all repairs had to be carried out, before we masked up the windows etc to protect them from overspray.

This is the same work we were doing at the front

Front of house with rendering repairs
Front of house with rendering repairs

The team then hand applied a waterproof masonry coating and allowed to dry for a few hours………..

(watching paint dry really is as boring as it sounds by the way!)

Then afterwards, we spray applied a fine textured exterior wall Coating, removed the masking, and hand finished around edges etc for a top quality job!

“ta-daaaa!” Here is the front of the house afterwards

The front of the house in weston super mare after an exterior wall coating
The front after an exterior wall coating

Moving around the garden, we took some more images,.

Here is part of the front and the side end of the house, all of which are fully protected from the awful wet weather that comes up from the Bristol Channel and buffets the hell out of houses around here.

A fresh wall coating has really lifted the external appearance

Front and gable end after wall coating
Front and gable end after wall coating

And finally, remember the photo of the rear of the house looking terrible?

Well after only a few days and plenty of repair work, along with some good old fashioned elbow grease, here is what the back looked like, weather protected, painted and made to look fab!


Rear of house with new exterior paint work
Rear of house with new exterior paint work

As you can clearly see, or in fact NOT see, all the repairs we did to this wall, the ones in the photo nearer the top of the page, cannot be seen, and the wall looks good as new!

This home will now not need any repairs or repainting for the next 20 years, and that claim is backed up by a 20 year guarantee, with warranty insurance, so no more paint for the outside walls!

Our other before and after examples include all types of houses from terraced, cottages, mansions, stately homes, semi detached house, to shops, blocks of apartments, factories and so on.

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