Can you supply a price to paint my house with wall coatings

Don’t give your decorator any more of you hard-earned money!

Yes it’s that time of year again! Time to get a quote to get the house painted by decorators, but if you want to save money, don’t go giving your cash to your local painter and decorator, because he’ll want more next year!

That’s the main problem with owning a house, there’s always something to pay out for isn’t there?

If it isn’t the bills each month, heating, gas etc, its repairs or painting the exterior of the house, but we can show you a few ideas that you yourself can save money on decorating costs around the house.

Plus we can show you a way to drastically cut the time between external house painting, with one of our exterior wall coatings which are designed to replace masonry paint.

Before we do, here are some money saving tips for you!

How to save money on house decorating.

There are various things that you can do to save money this year on painting and decorating and general upkeep of your house. Some things are dead easy to achieve, some require a bit more thought.

Decorators ?

Take you pick from this small handful of money saving tips from NEVER PAINT AGAIN.

1. Need ideas? Use what’s FREE around you.

It’s always tricky to get ideas for decorating, such as colour schemes, alterations, re-arranging the rooms around, adding a room or extension, so instead of paying a developer or architect hundreds, or even thousands of pounds for ideas, simply browse the internet for ideas for the home there are loads around!

Personally, to suit the British style, we like the BBC Homes design inspiration, which is packed with ideas.

2. Money! Work out a budget and stick to it.

lose money man

It’s easy to pay out far more than you planned for DIY and for tradespeople and running out of money can seriously impede your ability to carry on with the jobs in hand!

There are various companies, such as Never Paint Again UK, who work out a fixed price cost for house painting and not an estimate, so often getting one of these jobs done is far better and cheaper than a rough guess form your builder which can be wildly inaccurate!

We like a site we found over at which has various sections that guide you through how much to expect to pay for work, and our own experience is, add a THIRD on to any home decoration or improvement budget as a buffer, just in case!

3. First impressions matter. Concentrate on “Kerb appeal”.

KERB APPEAL Fallen leaves can block street drains

Take a tip from your estate agent (no, go on, seriously), and start with the FRONT of the house, the porch, front door or entry way. This is the first thing people, maybe visitors, see, and if its scruffy, this reflects on the rest of the house even though the house may be in nice order.

4. Move the furniture around!

Hardly rocket science but you would be surprised how you can totally change a room, even giving the space a new “feel” just by moving what you have around.

Are any dark or large pieces of furniture blocking natural light in front of windows? What about the TV?

Try moving it to a different wall, and arranging the sofa in a different way, you would be pleasantly surprised how this can totally change a room, and what’s best, it’s FREE!

5. De-Clutter your house!

….but do NOT appear on the SKY TV show “Gutted” like we did, and lived to regret it!

mark-durden-smith from Gutted TV show UKTV Home
mark-durden-smith and me, taken in Exeter whilst filming

Having a cluttered house brings confusion and frustration into your life.

Practitioners of feng shui always say the route to a calm home is less clutter as it blocks the natural flow of “Chi” (positive energy) and this is something that is easy to do so give it a try.

But don’t do what I did in 2008 and go on a TV show called “Gutted!” where they emptied our house (literally, the whole lot including the carpets, lights and curtains) and we had to answer questions to win it back.

I definitely regret appearing on reality TV I can tell you.

The questions we got wrong meant more of our stuff went to auction and was sold! By all means de-clutter but don’t go too far as an empty house can be cold and un-inviting. (but easier to clean LOL!)

6. Be thrifty. Buy Second hand.

You do not HAVE TO have everything in your house brand new and a quick look on Ebay or on the various classified ads websites like Gumtree, can secure you some real bargains so hold on to your cash.

For most people, money is tight these days and going back to our grand parents ways of making do and mend, can save you pounds, give you “kudos” and “Street cred” too, and if carefully chosen, 2nd hand can be so cool!

……and there are many more ways to save money around the house.

Some short term, some, such as insulation, will only bring longer term, but greater benefits so spend your money wisely, however be wary if you are thinking about getting cavity wall insulation as this can bring more problems than it solves.

Here’s some final thoughts on the matter.

  • Insulate your home and draught-proof to save money on heating costs.
  • Turn your heating/hot water thermostat down a notch or two.
  • Buy 2nd hand quality stuff, not new things.
  • Repair broken stuff instead of throwing away.
  • Make stuff from recycled items, so give it a go, be creative!
  • Look at using feng shui and bring calm to the house, inside and outside.
  • De-clutter and tidy the place up! (no offence LOL!)
  • Keep your home in good repair and decorative order.
  • Keep gutters and pipes free of debris to avoid breaking.
  • If having work done, make a budget and stick to it.

How to save money on exterior house painting.

You know the real reason why I sit here every day and write stuff like this?

Well, it’s my passion and my hobby of course but it’s also to get people interested in the other things I do, namely getting people’s houses painted with our exterior wall coatings which don’t fade, crack, chip or peel and last up to 20 years!

It means that not only will your house look fabulous, it will NOT need to be repaired, or painted, for up to 20 years, meaning you will NOT have to pay your decorator again!

We do it only ONCE, that’s all it needs, for a superb maintenance free home!

All quotes are FREE so Contact NPA today and let us show you how much money we can save you!

Call (0800) 970 4928

The photo of Mark Durden-Smith is copyright Guy Alexander Bell and most not be reproduced or used elsewhere without his prior permission.

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