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DIY painting can lead to a hospital visit!

Whilst we all like to do a bit of DIY painting and decorating around the house, a little knowledge can be dangerous when you consider the amount of DIY and home improvement related accidents that happen each year.

It goes without saying that if you plan on doing some DIY these holidays, you should not overstretch yourself into attempting something tricky or technical that you have not done before.

OK, we don’t know we are good at something until we try, but some things, such as brain surgery, lion taming, and exterior DIY, should be best left to the professionals.

Each year, in Britain alone, Injuries from using unfamiliar and dangerous DIY tools and machinery are estimated to account for 87,000 of the 220,000 DIY fans who turn up at hospital each year. (source: ROSPA)

These frightening statistics are just the tip of the iceberg and clearly show how doing some DIY a bit too enthusiastically can lead to a hospital visit, in worse cases, disability or even death.

All just to save a few bob by not phoning the decorator this year?

DIY painting. Why, in some cases, it should be avoided!

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Are you SURE you can paint safely?

Deciding to do a bit of painting yourself is one of the joys of being a home owner for sure.

Adding a splash of colour to your lounge, the ceiling in the bedroom, or painting those scruffy skirting boards, most things are more or less OK for the average Joe to do, but this is only internally.

Painting inside usually means not having to climb any ladders or scaffolding, and if you fall, the floor is not too far away, nicely cushioned with carpet too!

However accidents can still happen and of course if you do plan to do some internal decorating this season, please work safe and make sure you really do know what you are doing.

Keep kids and animals away from where you are working and where paint, thinners and tools are stored, or placed whilst actually doing the painting.

Even taking some simple common sense steps can be fraught with peril.

ROSPA, the government body responsible for ensuring better safety for everybody said that the most common DIY accidents whilst working in the house include cuts from knives while cutting cable and carpets, slips with saws when cutting wood, paint dripping into eyes from ceilings and slabs falling onto hands and feet.

Many people, however well-meaning, grossly overestimate their capabilities when it comes to work around the house, and some jobs in particular, for example gas and electric work, should be left to the experts as tinkering with this lot can see you down the mortuary in no time at all..

Exterior painting can be dangerous.

Painting high up can be dangerous

Ladder and stepladder accidents send 41,000 people to hospital each year, often resulting in some of the most serious injuries and even death when people fall from high up.

Remember the average height of a roof in the UK is probably about 25 to 30 feet. If you have a large tape measure, the type surveyors use, unravel it to 30 feet along the ground and see how long it takes you to walk that distance.

You’ll do it a damn site faster if you fall from the roof.

Exterior painting is fraught with even more dangers for the unwary such as the heigh, (the obvious one) and also many people are not familiar with working off a ladder.

It can seem quite easy to do a bit of painting whilst stood on the path around the house, by try doing that up a ladder, holding a paint brush AND a can of paint, with a slight gust of wind.

Instead of risking your life doing DIY, when it comes to paint the outside of your home, call the professionals in, people like NEVER PAINT AGAIN who can be contacted at any time on 0800 970 4928 and all work comes with a 20 year guarantee

Painting and decorating
Painting and decorating

The trained (and fully insured) exterior wall painting experts at never paint again have the correct tools and of course the experience, to make your exterior house painting project much easier, with less risk, and more pleasing results.

We can paint any type of house or building in no time at all, leaving you to relax and wait for us to finish! A quote or estimate from us is completely free so pick the phone up now!

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