A cottage after external wall coating

Lincolnshire stone cottage with weatherproof wall covering

Another example with outstanding decorative results obtained with our exterior wall coating system on this delightful Doctors cottage in Lincolnshire.

We were happy to help this customer transform the house they loved but loathed at the same time, into this charming cottage, full of life, character, and warmth.

As you can see by looking at the before image below, the entire elevation of the house was coated in a mildew or mould, indicating that perhaps the walls themselves were porous.

This house trapped the damp, so they called us in to fix it!

Walls that are not weatherproofed can harbour damp and moisture, and a sure fire way to find out is the fact that if you have green mould growing on the wall, it is a PLANT just like a flower, and by that I mean it needs to have moisture to grow, and thus moisture is present in the wall!

This is what we started with. It doesn’t look very nice does it?


damp cottage before wall coatings


We therefore attended to all the repairs to the house and then we then powerwashed the walls to get rid of some of the black grime.

We also added a special fungicide to get rid of any mould spores that may be living in the wall.

Weatherproof wall coating installation

We then applied a special organic biocide anti-mould treatment to the wall which killed off any possible damp spores.

We then masked up the windows and protected the floor with ground sheets.

Then we applied one coat of a modified latex render wash, one good coat of NEVER PAINT AGAIN Primer, and then spray applied a top coating of the famous NPA exterior masonry coating.

This is how the house ended up!


A cottage after external wall coating

This house will not need painting for at least the next 20 years and that comes with the added peace of mind of a 20 year insurance backed warranty.

In addition to that, and despite it being in a shady location which didn’t get much sun, the walls won’t go mouldy again and will not turn green.

Sound good? Contact us today to find out how much it would cost to have this treatment on your house.

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