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Our Home Improvement Customer Satisfaction Survey

We want you to be happy!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with both our workmanship, and also with our workmen!

That’s why during, and after, we paint your house, we ask each and every client to tell us how we did, using the questions below, so that we can not only monitor the work of our teams, but it also gives us a chance to see what we are doing right, and where can improve on things.

If you have had work done to your home by ourselves, you may well recognise this as it is handed to each of our customers by the works team leader, once the house painting, rendering etc has all been completed.

It’s a quick questionnaire and the brief questions are designed to make sure that we know, for sure, that you are happy with the work you have asked us to do. It is signed at two distinct stages during the work you have done at home, the first when all the repairs have been carried out, and the final one, when the works are completed.

On some jobs, our clients prefer to pay us in 3 lots: A deposit before works start, a stage payment once the job is halfway through, and then a final payment once the team finishes and you are happy. This is of course a sample page and you are more than welcome to add a comment at the foot of the page if you so wish.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the questions.

Our customer satisfaction survey


a) Are you completely satisfied with the preparation stages carried out by the wall coating company?


b) Are you satisfied that every effort was made to ensure that there was minimal disruption to your property and your neighbour’s house? i.e. dust sheets used where necessary, any debris removed from site, all pathways, garden areas, patios etc kept clean and as tidy as possible?


c) Are you fully satisfied for the Wall Coating company applicators to proceed to stage two?


d) If yes to all of the above, please liaise with the applicators to arrange the first stage payment. Thank you


Once you are happy and have signed the above form, you will see the form again once the work is completed.


a) Are you satisfied that the colour of the wall coating to be applied is the same as your original choice (Please ask applicator to show a sample before applying, for your satisfaction)


b) Are you completely satisfied wioth the colour of the wall coating?


c) Are you satisfied with the conduct and overall attitude of the application team?


d) Are you satisfied that The Wall Coating company made every effort to ensure that your property was left as clean as possible after works have finished?


e) If yes to all of the above, please liaise with the application team to arrange the final balance.


By signing this satisfaction sheet you are complying to all aspects mentioned in it. Please be aware we will only ever return to your property after today if in the unlikely event a problem occurs in the future and you wish to claim under the guarantee. (please refer to guarantee document, issued within 28 days after completion of works)

Any outstanding payments that fail to credit our account (for any reason) will incur additional costs. We thank you for your valued business and once again, thank you for choosing the wall coating company.




Hopefully you can see that when we say as a company that we are totally committed to customer satisfaction, we really do mean it! Thanks for reading.

NOTE: The info contained on this page is a “sample” and is for information only and does not constitute a real satisfaction sheet, which is available from your agent or application team.

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