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Bring some colour to your life with exterior wall paint

House proud? Really?

Then you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than looking up at your house from the street and then walking past it with your head in your hands as it’s so embarrassing. When was the last time you had it painted?

Is it so bad that people point at your house as they walk past?!

It could be that the exterior was decorated as little as one or two years ago, so why does it look bad again? Did you make the mistake of having it painted from the cheapest quote you received? Did the fella do any repairs to the house like filling cracks, curing mould, removing the old paint or fixing the render? Probably not. I bet the colour has faded too?

Chances are they just rolled up one day in an old estate car with a ladder on the roof, splashed some paint they bought from “Harry, down the pub” and you paid them cash-in-hand.

Well, I’m not going to say “I told you so”, but……………er………I told you so. OK I said it after all.

The very worst thing you can do is choose a part time “cowboy” painter as you money you saved, you didn’t actually save it, because now it looks awful and you are going to have to pay someone again to have it redone.

What if there was a paint system that only needs to be done ONCE in 25 years?

There is?


The NEVER PAINT AGAIN house paint system, which lasts for 25 years and does not fade!

That isn’t a misprint. Our wall coating system is guaranteed for 20 years not to fade or crack and to keep its colour, year in, year out, no matter what weather mother nature chucks at it, our coatings go on and on protecting your house whilst looking fabulous! Expected lifespan is 25 years and it takes less than a week to install.


exterior textured wall coating in white

Our wall painting system differs considerably from the normal masonry paint that either you or your local painter and decorator would use. First off, our paints and coatings are made specially for us and cannot be bought in the shops, or applied by anyone without the correct equipment and training.

Secondly, unlike paint, our wall coatings come with a 20 year warranty, covering all aspects of the coating and the exterior condition of your home, meaning you won’t have to dip into your pocket again, for at least 20 years.

Colour is an important aspect of our lives and our homes and if chosen correctly, can foster a real sense of well-being. The colour on the exterior of your home should be in keeping with the age, size and character of the house, plus it should fit in with the rest of the street and should enhance the property, so choose wisely.

Why should I choose your wall coating over the paint I always use?

A good question and one we get asked quite often by people who are thinking of a smarter move to a long life house paint system this year instead of the normal DIY paint route, which never seems to end up good anyway?

Our house wall coatings are designed to applied just ONCE in any 20 year period, meaning that not only will the exterior colour of your home remain crisp, fresh and bright for 20 years, you end up saving a heck a lot of money in not calling back your local decorator to re-do the paintwork each year.

In addition, as we carry out all the repairs that are required to make your walls “sound” and in good health, you also will not have to pay for any repairs for the next 20 years, AND your property won’t suffer from damp and mould, and we guarantee that.

Can you imagine how much money you will save in just having your house painted ONCE in 20 years? No fuss, no hassle, no gimmicks, just plain common sense.

House painting in Liverpool with NPA textured wall coating

What colour and texture would be suitable for our house?

That would be only a question that you both could tell us if you give us an opportunity to show you what colours and textures we have on offer. You can view our standard colour chart further down the page.

As fas as grade of texture, that starts with a smooth matt finish, then goes onto offer a light textured coating, then a medium one and finally a heavy and coarse texture.

If you have a brick faced property, or a smooth rendered house, then the smooth or fine texture coating system should be fine, although you can have a heavy rough grade of finish if you want, it’s your choice and we will carry out your instructions down the last word.

main picture front of house completed wall coating

Colour is so important in our daily lives and having a nice and freshly painted colour on the exterior walls of your home sets you apart from the others in the street, it shows you both CARE about your house!

What’s wrong with wanting a nice looking house eh?

OK, my home needs some colour so what have you got?

We thoroughly enjoy working on our clients homes and one of the most satisfying aspects of it is when we have done all the repairs and we spray the top coloured coating of our special wall paint, remove the masking from the windows, and then stand back and admire our handiwork!

We have over 100 examples of completed jobs in our case studies section, so please feel welcome to browse completed jobs at any time. (opens in a new window)

Select your preferred wall colour, or contact us with a colour you would like on your home, we may be able to replicate that colour for you.

Once you have chosen your preferred paint colour, get in touch with us and we can explain exactly how this system is applied to your home and how much it is likely to cost. You can also mix and match with a combination of colours, and if required, combined with our industry approved clear coating system too.

Not just a coat of paint………

Our colours DO NOT FADE. They also do not peel or crack like masonry paint often does, plus they stop all instances of damp, mildew, mould and condensation! Once again, this is covered under our 20 year written warranty, which as a “belt and braces” form of guarantee, it is also underwritten by the leading provider of home warranties.

For a more exact price, we need to visit your home and take a look at the walls for ourselves. This service is FREE and without obligation to buy. Seriously. We do NOT hard sell and we do NOT give our potential clients a long winded sales pitch. You either want it or you don’t!

All work is carried out BY OUR OWN TEAMS, not sub-contractors or local builders, meaning QUALITY is at the heart of everything we do.

rendering house painting and wall coating home page

For more information, and a friendly chat, give us a ring on (0800) 970 4928 and speak to one of our friendly advisors about colour choices this year and let NEVER PAINT AGAIN bring some colour and warmth back to your home, and your life!

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Thanks. From Alex

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