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A brick mansion having eroded brickwork repaired

This brick built stately home near Leicester  was in badly need of repair with missing pointing mortar joints, penetrating damp, flaky paint and cracked walls.

Its wall surface being unpainted brick had deteriorated over the years with loose and missing mortar joins and bricks that had lost their “face” (flat edge), as the penetrating damp was destroying historic features within the building.

Repairing bricks and applying wall coating to a large house.

Bricks do suffer from erosion over the years and when the flat edge of the bricks lose their weatherproofing aspects, moisture is allowed to travel into the walls through tiny cracks that start to appear in the brick.

These little voids soon full up with moisture, whether from the humid air or from rain.

The water now contained in the bricks freezes, then expands, and starts to eat away at the strength that is inbuilt to the bricks, undermining the whole structure eventually.

This is what we did to the house to fix it up, although from memory I think this job was done quite a few years ago?

Here is what we did to fix up this property.

This shows us applying the cement slurry to parts of the house.

Note the masking to protect the old windows from being splashed with cement.

Applying primer coatings to the old house
Applying primer coatings to the old house

The wall coating team applied a coat of latex bonded render which fixed any loose mortar and pointing between the bricks, then they applied by hand, a waterproof primer which prepared the exterior wall surface for the final coat.

Wall coatings to beat brick erosion!

The team then sprayed a top coat of a fine graded textured exterior wall coatings which will not flake, fade, crack, chip or peel, and comes with a 20 year guarantee!

So when we had finished, this lovely old house looked a bit like this!

Exterior wall coating on a brick mansion
Exterior wall coating on a brick mansion

Find a little more about how we apply our brick wall coatings here…

As you can see, the difference is dramatic!

If you have an old brick house that has external walls in poor condition then NPA can sort this out, quickly and easily and at a price that wont shock you!

We can apply a long life paint finish to any type of house, from a terraced house to a mansion.

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